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TransCAD includes over 2GB of geographic and Census demographic data. The table below summarizes all of the nationwide U.S. geographic data included with TransCAD. TransCAD is also available with nationwide, routable HERE data for a single country – please see the TransCAD Country Data page for more information. 

U.S. Boundary Files with Census Demographic Data
  • Census Places (Cities)
  • Census Tracts
  • Consolidated Cities
  • Counties
  • Core Based Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Statistical Areas
  • County Subdivisions (Minor Civil Divisions such as boroughs, towns, townships, Indian reservations, and parish governing authorities, and Census County Divisions for states with no MCDs)
  • Indian Reservations
  • Metropolitan Areas Central Cities
  • States

Other U.S. Data
  • 3- and 5-Digit ZIP Codes
  • 5-Digit ZIP Code Centroids
  • Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas
  • Landmark areas including cemeteries, golf course, parks, shopping, etc.
  • Landmark points including churches, hospitals, parks, schools, etc.
  • Major cities and state capitals
  • Metro/Micropolitan Statistical Components and Areas
  • New England City and Town Areas/Components
  • New England County Metropolitan Areas
  • Populated Places (cities, neighborhoods, and villages)
  • Rivers
  • State Plane Coordinate Systems
  • Time Zones
  • Water Areas
U.S. Streets and Highways
  • Streets for the entire United States and territories with address and ZIP Code data for geocoding (Based on Census Bureau files with additional enhancements by Caliper)
  • Major roads with travel time and speed data for accurate routing
  • Highways including U.S., State, and County Highways and Ferry Routes (based on NHPN with additional enhancements by Caliper)
  • Interstate Highways

World Data
  • Airports
  • Cities and Capitals
  • Coastlines
  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Elevation Points and Contours
  • Gazetteer
  • Highways
  • Important Latitudes
  • Landmarks
  • Places/Built-Up Areas
  • Provinces (for Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and most of Northern Europe)
  • Railroads
  • Rivers
  • Utility Lines
  • 1, 5, 10, 20, and 30 Degree Grid and 10 Degree Area Grid
Transportation Data
  • 1992 U.S. Air Network
  • 1999 U.S. Airport Runways
  • 1999 AM Radio Stations
  • 1998 Amtrak Stations
  • 1977 and 1995 Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Regions
  • 2000 Census Tract Areas with Caliper Transportation Profile™
  • 1990 Central Business Districts
  • 1995 Component Economic Analysis (CEA) Regions
  • Conterminous United States Coastline
  • 1998 Dams
  • 1995 Federal Aid Urbanized Areas
  • 1999 FM Radio Stations
  • U.S. Military Installations
  • National Parks
  • 1993 National Transportation Analysis Regions (NTAR)  
  • North American Airports
  • North American Highways
  • North American Intermodal Facilities
  • North American Ports
  • North American Railroads
  • North American States and Provinces
  • 1990 Public Use Microdata Areas
  • Railroad Border Crossings
  • 1998 U.S. Railroads (100k and 2million scale)
  • Road Border Crossings
  • 1999 Television Stations
  • 1990 Transportation Analysis Zones
  • U.S. Transit and Ferry Lines
  • 1990 Urbanized Areas
  • 2000 Urbanized Areas and Urban Clusters
  • U.S. Waterway Network v2.2 

Additional geographic and demographic data products are available from Caliper including Census Blocks, Block Groups, and Congressional Districts. Click here for complete information on data products available for purchase.