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Maptitude Featured Map Infographic:
College Football Conference Realignment

Maptitude is the best mapping software for business intelligence! Maptitude provides many tools for visualizing data such as charts, heat maps, and color themes. In addition, you can use the geographic analysis tools to create buffers, drive-time rings, weighted centers, or territories and to convert clusters of point features into areas such as in the maps below.

Changes to the "Power 5" conferences started in 2021 when Texas and Oklahoma announced they would depart the Big 12 Conference for the SEC and continued into 2022 when USC and UCLA announced that they would leave the PAC 12 for the Big Ten in 2024. In August 2023 Colorado announced it would also be joining the Big 12 in 2024. In the ensuing days Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah all announced plans to leave the PAC 12. Then on September 1, 2023 Stanford and Cal announced that they were joining the ACC. The maps below show the geographic expansion of the ACC, Big Ten, and Big 12 as a result of the exodus from the PAC 12, along with a slight expansion to the SEC when Texas and Oklahoma join that conference.

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Maptitude mapping software infographic comparing the current and future geographic distribution of college football conferences  

Map: Created with Maptitude Mapping Software by Caliper, September 2023

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