Caliper Mapping and Transportation Glossary


What are Business Maps?

Business maps are the equivalent of your spreadsheet charts and database analytics. They are just as much a part of your corporate business intelligence as are the strategies and technologies that you use for the data analysis of business information.

Business maps show where you are in terms of your customers, competitors, and market. But they also make it much more intuitive to understand what would otherwise be complex raw data held in tables.

Business maps are critical to sharing and exploring data and are crucial to achieve business objectives.

There is a misconception that generic online maps can act as business maps. Are you comfortable uploading your data to the Cloud? Is the service committed to supporting business users of their maps? Isn’t it far better to have a business map that contains all the relevant information for your business in a single product that integrates well with the rest of your corporate information.

Each business map is different because it reflects your specific audience and analysis. You can use your own corporate style: logo, color scheme and fonts. If you are a regional legal firm or accountants or a company head office your business maps will be quite different. The same reasoning applies if you are a national retailer with a large network of stores or branches. The business map of a town center convenience store is very different from the business map of a courier company with most of its depots in suburban industrial areas.

What is a business map: A business map of customer locations and sales created with Maptitude mapping software

Business maps help you visualize your customer data

Business map definition: A business map of sales by ZIP Code with Maptitude mapping software

Business maps show you patterns hidden in your data

A business map of site demographic analysis with Maptitude mapping software

Business maps can help you make informed decisions

Business Mapping Software

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