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Maptitude New Zealand Mapping Software

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New Zealand Census Data Mapping

Since 1995 the Maptitude mapping software has made it easy to access a wealth of New Zealand Census data. You can quickly visualise Census demographics using a suite of wizard-driven tools. Maptitude also provides a map library that contains numerous pre-designed maps listed by Census category. These include thematic maps of demographic, income, and housing data.

For New Zealand, Maptitude contains over 450 fields of Census demographics describing population, gender, age, birthplace, ethnicity, language spoken, marital status, education, income, employment, dwellings, vehicles, and rent. The data are provided for Area Units, Community Board Boundaries, Election Districts, Health Board Boundaries, Mäori Districts, Mesh Blocks, Region Council Boundaries, Regions, Territorial Authorities, Urban Areas, and Wards. Learn more about the included data on the New Zealand Country Package page.

New Zealand Census data mapping of population density

Maptitude census data map of population density using New Zealand census data included with Maptitude.

New Zealand Census data mapping of income

Maptitude census data map of income using New Zealand census data included with Maptitude.

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Census demographics for other countries

Use the provided Census data with the analysis tools in Maptitude to make more informed and strategic business decisions and identify growth opportunities. With Maptitude, you will be able to define markets, compare sites, locate and better understand your customers, create territories, and target your audience. Maptitude costs just US$695 and includes a FREE Country Package so you can start your New Zealand Census data mapping as soon as you install the software.

Maptitude Census software can evaluate locations using New Zealand census data

Use the Maptitude tools to evaluate locations using the New Zealand Census data.

Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?

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