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Maptitude UK Real Estate Mapping Software

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Property Mapping Software for the UK

Maptitude real estate mapping software empowers property professionals and real estate agents with the fundamental mapping and geographic analysis tools that they need for residential or commercial real estate. With Maptitude, you can visualise locations and assess them for desirable qualities.

Using Maptitude, you can answer your clients' questions about the neighborhood of a residential property. By simply typing an address, you are taken to the correct location on a map where you can provide answers to question such as: Is the site near major roads? Are there schools nearby? Is the income level suitable to first-time residential buyers? Are there parks or other amenities nearby? What is the range of home values? These are just a few of the questions that can be answered by simply looking at a map produced with Maptitude.

Maptitude comes with a wealth of demographic data to further enhance your real estate maps and your location-based knowledge. Quickly identify areas with many young children, more retirees, higher income, or more owner-occupied housing (Figure 1). You can also add your own data such as home sales, crime statistics, or school performance scores to convey additional data that may be of particular value to your residential clients.

You can add your listings to a map so that clients can visually determine the locations available for sale in any given neighborhood and weigh the relative pros and cons of each location. You can use the selection tools to search your listings, based on location or attributes. For example, you could choose from among all of your listings the ones that are within walking distance to a school, near public transportation, within a particular price range, or have a minimum number of rooms.

Maptitude provides tools that make it easy to attach all kinds of relevant information to locations on a map. You can link your listings to documents, sites on the Internet, or slideshows and pictures. Then, simply click the location on the map to show your clients the additional details you have for the property. Additionally, map backgrounds can be seamlessly switched to show aerial photo-imagery or terrain, adding realistic and relatable elements to your presentations. 

Commercial Real Estate

Maptitude is also a powerful tool for commercial real estate applications because it lets you quantify differences in sites. The demographic data included with Maptitude are ideal for evaluating sites, analysing competitor's locations, identifying market potential, and comparing sites to one another both geographically and demographically (Figure 2). Also included are building footprints for many urban locations and comprehensive named landmarks that range from public facilities to commercial buildings including shops, restaurants, and retail stores allowing you to get a full understanding of a location's amenities (Figure 3).

If you are considering relocating a business, you can evaluate sites based on their accessibility to your customers or employees. For example, if you have a database of employees, you can use Maptitude to see the best central location based on the density and distribution of the employees (Figure 4). These could be weighted by seniority, allowing you to better explore potential site locations by considering staff characteristics. You can also create drive-time or distance rings to assess the number of employees or customers within the shortest and fastest travel zones around the new location (Figure 5).

Maptitude's tools are also relevant in all aspects of the real estate industry:

  • Appraisers can track land values
  • Banks and mortgage lenders can ensure regulatory compliance
  • Title companies can track parcel ownership
  • Insurance companies can perform underwriting analysis
  • Public assessors can convey information in a straightforward and easily-understood manner
  • Multiple listing services can provide customers with web-enabled access to property and realtor information

In all cases, Maptitude is the cost-effective solution that utilizes geography and maps as powerful tools for conveying information and analysing location, location, location for your business advantage.

G2 Crowd User Matt M.“I am in real estate / property industry, and use Maptitude for trade area analysis, site selection, and creating quality custom maps for my reports. Trade area analysis is awesome as built in are numerous types such as radius, drive-time, etc. With a little extra skill, I completed complete retail gravity (Huff model) trade areas, weighted on different features. I also taught spatial analysis to real estate students at university, and Maptitude was our software choice.”

Matt M.

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Real estate mapping solutions highlights
  • Map locations and see what is nearby
  • Identify neighborhoods with particular characteristics
  • Add your data to maps
  • Identify market potential of commercial sites
  • Perform site analysis and comparisons
  • Access detailed Census data to explore neighborhoods
  • Supports many formats including Esri Shapefiles (More...)
United Kingdom real estate mapping software maps Census demographic and housing data

FIGURE 1: Use the included data to create maps such as this one of average rooms per household.

Real estate mapping solutions for United Kingdom location analysis

FIGURE 2: Site analysis can be performed with the included United Kingdom Census data. This map and table show the demographics of the population within five kilometres of several locations.

Real estate maps of landmark locations with image background

FIGURE 3: Detailed data, including streets and landmarks, are included. In addition, tools allow you to access aerial and satellite imagery from the internet and display it in your maps.

United Kingdom commercial real estate site location map with customer locations and weighted center location

FIGURE 4: Site location tools let you identify efficient locations for serving all of your customers or employees.

United Kingdom map of employee locations and drive-time rings to proposed sites

FIGURE 5: Drive-time ring tools let you visualize the accessibility of locations.