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New Maptitude GIS Data for the Americas, Europe, and Oceania

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Author: Stewart Berry
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The new Maptitude Country Packages include updated maps, demographics, and tools, including streets that allow for accurate address locating and street visualization, directions, drive-time rings, and drive-time territories.

Key Features

  • Improved address matching (geocoding) and directions
  • Updated streets, postal data, business and landmark locations, and cities/towns
  • Updated travel times using actual traffic congestion data
  • Point of Interest and Business layers include many more locations, providing a comprehensive POI database for each country
  • For each country a logistics tutorial file is included that lists sample clients, sites, and facilities to allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with the analytical capabilities of Maptitude

Updated Demographics

  • USA: Updated demographics based on a variety of sources including the annual Census American Community Survey (ACS)
  • UK: UK & Ireland: 2021 Census data for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and 2022 Census data for Ireland
  • Canada: 2021 Census data and 2021 Population estimates
  • Australia: 2021 Census data

In this article:

Updated Country Packages

The following datasets were updated to version 2024:

Aimee Barlow

“Using Maptitude to work out the closest members of staff to each store we visit has been incredibly helpful in reducing the travel done by our merchandisers, leading to positive environmental and financial results.”

  Aimee Barlow
Senior Data Analyst, eXPD8 Analytics
Bristol, United Kingdom

Maptitude 2024 comes standard with one detailed Country Package of your choice, and additional Country Packages can be purchased separately. Each Country Package includes a wealth of data unavailable in any other product, such as an up-to-date street layer with addresses for pin-mapping (geocoding) and travel time information for computing routes and drive-time rings. Features such as building footprints for many urban locations, railways, and named landmarks are also built into the software. The comprehensive landmarks range from public facilities to commercial buildings including businesses, restaurants, and retail stores, and include addresses and phone numbers where available. Where available, postal data and detailed demographics are shipped with the product.

As you switch between the countries you have purchased, Maptitude will seamlessly refresh the interface with country-specific tools such as Create-A-Map Wizard and tools for finding, pin-mapping, and routing. New Map Libraries allow you to easily create attractive geographic and demographic maps while locating unlimited numbers of addresses and territory-based records.

Martin North

“Maptitude helped me to quickly locate and exhibit post code hot spots across the country in an effective and attractive way - it's turned my extensive datasets into compelling stories, and helped build credibility with my clients and the wider community.”

  Martin North
Principal, Digital Finance Analytics
Sydney, Australia

United States

New USA datasets provide access to the most up-to-date geographic information available. Maptitude 2024 comes with October 2023 HERE® Map Content, which allows for accurate address locating and street visualization, in addition to robust data that you can use to calculate directions, drive-time rings, and drive-time territories. Speeds based on HERE Traffic Patterns are included.

Other 2023 U.S. map layers from HERE include those for buildings, highways, railroads, and landmarks. The Points of Interest layer contains over 2.9 million named public and business locations.

ZIP Codes

Maptitude 2024 ships with the January 2024 ZIP Code update to ensure that you are using the latest data. The 5-digit ZIP Code boundaries are a nationwide area database with ZIP Codes for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the territories.

Other standard features of Maptitude 2024 are updated 3-digit ZIP Code areas and a point database of ZIP Code points for the entire country. The ZIP Code area layers extend into non-deliverable areas to provide complete coverage of the USA. The 3-digit and 5-digit ZIP Code areas include updated counts of businesses by detailed industry type (retail, finance, etc.), along with the number of employees working in each ZIP Code, and annual payroll figures. The ZIP Codes are also classified by their updated rural-urban commuting characteristics and with the numbers of hospitals, hospital beds, and healthcare providers.

Census Boundaries

The US Census boundaries (e.g., Tracts, Places, Counties, MCDs, MSAs, States) and the 3- and 5-digit ZIP code areas that come with Maptitude contain some or all of several demographic profiles from a variety of data providers. These sources include the 2010 and 2020 Census and the 2022 ACS to name a few. This data is available for the USA, Puerto Rico, and the Territories. These layers include daytime population, median income, and mean income. The ZIP Code, Tract, County, and State layers also include updated buying power (disposable income for 2020) figures. Tracts also list updated banking compliance FFIEC data.

Personal income and change in personal income BEA data for 2020 are included for States and Counties, and 2022 GDP (by total, goods, services, government, and by 2-digit NAICS code) and change in GDP BEA data are included for Counties. 2025 population projections for Counties, States, and Tracts are included by age, race, gender, and ethnicity, and for population by 5-year increment for 2025-2060.


Canada is fully integrated into the Maptitude platform, as are all the Maptitude Packages, and exactly as the USA data is. For example, you have full control over the language and units of measurements displayed in the map legend.

Each Package also has elements unique to the geography and demographics of each region. For example, a critical business dataset for Canada is the ability to visualize and work with 6-character postal areas rather than as points or at the 3-character postal Forward Sortation Area (FSA) level. FSAs can cover huge areas and so are problematic for fine tuning sales or franchise territories, for example. Maptitude 2024 for Canada includes this detailed postcode layer at no additional cost.

Map by area using 6-digit Canadian postcodes!

Map by area using 6-digit Canadian postcodes

Maptitude allows you to map in Canada by full postcode area, not just 3-digit FSA!

Manu Prashar

Powerful, well thought out, intelligently crafted, efficient, cost effective. Having worked with a few different GIS packages in the past, I'm impressed to note Maptitude is a comprehensive blend of best features that are more than likely to meet the needs of most users.”

  Manu Prashar
Senior Manager CRM & Digital Strategy, Casino Rama Careers
Toronto, Ontario

Europe Data

The Europe country packages include a street layer with travel-time information for routing and travel-time rings:

While address-level geocoding is not supported, additional datasets provide detailed information for administrative boundaries, railroads, and landmarks that include shops, restaurants, and retail stores.

Global Data

The basic global map that is provided with every Maptitude license enables you to view your data for anywhere on Earth, and it allows you to map your locations by coordinate, manually, or by any populated place (village/town/city).

We provide with Maptitude a world database with the following layers that allow you to create global territories:

There is also a free data downloader tool that includes a geocoder and creates a basic Country Package using opensource data for many countries that encompasses postcodes, boundaries, and streets/landmarks. You can also use this tool to geocode Northern Ireland postcodes.

Maptitude makes it easy to access free imagery from the Internet for any location in the world. Maptitude Web Map Layers give you access to satellite and aerial imagery for anywhere on Earth. This can be chosen under the Map>Imagery menu in Maptitude and includes map backgrounds down to the street and building level.

A territory map created using the Maptitude World Province Boundaries

Free Data

There is an extensive library of free data for the USA that can be downloaded in the Maptitude Store. Several of these datasets are available for other countries:

Healthcare Data

These data are extremely useful for many sectors, including healthcare. For example, the POI Layers and Business Location Layers provide address and phone number for:

  • Dentist locations
  • Hospital locations
  • Medical services locations
  • Nursing home locations
  • Pharmacy locations

In addition, the included demographics have some healthcare-related information depending on the Country Package that you can check out here.

Maptitude business location layers are available for the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and DACH

How Can We Help?

Maptitude ensures that your sales and marketing mapping projects and reports will be a success no matter where you are conducting business. By integrating with key geographic, business, and consumer datasets, Maptitude provides a one-stop wizard-driven interface. Maps are an intuitive way to convey and analyze large amounts of data. Maptitude can support all the above analytics and comes with all the data used in the examples shown, as well as information for almost any industry and sector you would need to map.

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