How Can I Create Worldwide Territories?

You can create worldwide territories using sales territory mapping software.

Maptitude comes with a specially formatted World Province layer called World Territory Base that was put together to run optimally with the Territory Tool, making international territory creation much easier.

How Can I Create Worldwide Territories? Map of South America Territories.
Map of South America Territories.

Opening the Territory Wizard World Map

Country packages will come installed with a map called Territory Wizard World Map, which includes the necessary layer. This can be accessed through the Demographic Map Librarian:

  1. From the Home Window, choose New demographic map
    • If you are starting from an existing workspace, go to Map>Demographic Map Librarian…
  2. In the Choose a Map Library dropdown, choose a Library (e.g. USA Map Library 202X)
  3. For Choose a Map Category, choose Overview Maps
  4. For Choose the Map(s) You Want, choose Territory Wizard World Map
  5. If you have a Bookmark, saved you can use that, or highlight Other Location and click OK
  6. Pick an area of the world to start the mapping in (e.g. highlight World Country and type Mexico, then click OK)

This will open a new map that we can use to build our world territories

Building Territories Interactively

Now we have the correct map open, we can start building our territories. 

  1. Open the Territory Wizard World Map (above)
  2. Go to Map>New Territory Layer
  3. Make sure Interactively from areas in a map is checked and click Next>
  4. Make sure the Geography Layer says “World Territory Base” and the Geography Field says “[Province ISO]”
  5. Click Next>
  6. Click Finish

This will create a blank territory layer that you can start building territories in using the Territory Manager. See this video for general help using the Territory Manager

You will be building territories from the World Territory Base layer. What each area in this layer represents will differ by country based on data availability. For some countries, the area in this layer will simply be the whole country. For larger countries and countries with more available data, each country has been divided. Some examples:

  • In the USA, each area is a State
  • In Canada, each area is a Province

You can group these areas up however you like in order to create worldwide territories. Be aware that if you are adding large areas at once the assignment may take a few minutes to process.

Adding a Whole Country at Once

For the most part, building world territories will be the same process as building any other territory map. However, there is one tip that is especially useful when building world territories as it allows you to add an entire country to a territory at once. To do this, you will just need to know the 2 digit ISO Code for the Country you would like to add. The full list of codes can be found on Wikipedia here – you will want to use the codes in the “Alpha 2 Code” Column. For this example, we will be using “BR”, the 2-digit code for Brazil.

  1. Make the territory you would like to add to the Working Territory
  2. Click
  3. From the Field List dropdown, choose [Country ISO2]
  4. Under Enter a Condition, type = “BR”
  5. Click OK
  6. Click to lock in the changes


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