Why Can’t I Use The Export to PDF option?

Maptitude includes the ability to quickly export any map to a PDF using FIle>Export>PDF… This is just a quick way to generate a simple PDF – for more customization over what the PDF looks like you can use our Layout tool.

The PDF Export tool makes use of a PDF printer that you have installed, most commonly Microsoft Print to PDF. This printer comes pre-installed with Windows 10 but can be accidentally deleted. This article discusses how you can reinstall this printer so that you can use the File>Export>PDF commnand:

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon in the Start menu and choose Run:
  2. Type in optionalfeatures.exe and click OK
  3. In the Optional Features window, scroll down to Microsoft Print to PDF and uncheck the box. Click OK
  4. Repeat Steps 1-2
  5. Scroll down to Microsoft Print to  PDF and check the box. Click OK

This will reinstall the Microsoft Print to PDF printer and you should be able to now use the File>Export>PDF… option

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