How to include more fields in the Excel route list when using the Directions Manager?

The Routing Manager only allows users to have one field for the “Name” in the Excel output.  Users might want to include multiple fields such as the customer name, customer address, phone number, and sales notes.

Follow these steps to include more than one field in the Export to Excel from the Routing and Directions Manager:

  1. Create a Multiple Field label for your stops
    1. Click on the label  button  for the layer that contains your stops
    2. In the “Field” drop-down, choose “Multiple Field”
    3. Select the fields that you would like to include when exporting to Excel
    4. Check the box for “Do Not Display on the Map”
    5. Click OK to close the Label dialog box
  2. Go to Tools > Routing & Directions > Routing & Directions Manager
  3. Add your stops to the routing manager using the Add Selections sets button 
    1. Choose the layer or selection set that contains your stops
    2. In the Name box, choose “Multiple Field label”
    3. Click OK to add the stops
  4. Optimize the route by clicking on the “Optimize” button
  5. Use the Export to Excel button   to create the Excel report
    1. The resulting Excel file will include the values for your Multiple field label in one column
    2. The values are separated by a “pipe” (the symbol above the “Enter” key on an English keyboard) and can be separated back to new columns by using Text to Columns in Excel.
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