How do I map my international data by world city?

Maptitude includes the ability to map international data at the City level.

Follow the steps outlined below to locate by world city and/or to zoom to global locations using Maptitude :
To locate your data by world city:
  1. From the Home Window, choose Open a file and click OK. Change the filetype in the bottom right to the appropriate type (e.g. Excel Workbook or Text File) and select the table. Click Open.
    •  At a minimum, your table should contain fields with the city and country that each record is in. Optionally, your table should have a field with the province/state so that, for example, Maptitude can differentiate between Portland, Maine, USA and Portland, Oregon, USA.
  2. Choose Tools > Locate > Locate by World City.
  3. Choose the field in your table that contains the city name from the City Field drop-down list.
  4. Choose the field in your table that contains the country name or abbreviation (e.g., Denmark, DK, or DNK) from the Country Field drop-down list.
  5. Optionally, choose the field in your table that contains the province/state from the Province/State Field drop-down list.
  6. Click OK.
To zoom the map to a country or city:
  1. If you are mapping a location for which you do not have a Maptitude Country Package, choose Map > Imagery and choose one of the image layers available (not the US-specific USGS ones).
  2. Choose Edit-Find or  in the main toolbar to display the Find tool.
  3. Choose to find a World City or World Country on the left of the window and enter text as prompted.
  4. Click OK. The map is zoomed to your area of interest.
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