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Maptitude for Redistricting Software

Maptitude for Redistricting has many new capabilities and enhancements:

Enhanced Redistricting Capabilities

  • Fast access to the redistricting Plan Manager: The Plan Manager now opens automatically when the software starts
  • Quickly open recent plans using the Recent Files menu
  • Import and export Excel files (XLSX) even when Microsoft Office is not installed
  • Speed improvements provide faster access to maps, routes, drive-time rings, and geographic analysis. Maptitude for Redistricting provides significant speedups in map display with faster drawing of styles, filters, layers, and labels
  • Choose the transparency of the "border style" Color Theme on District layer
  • Double-click the Color Theme style dialog box ranges to edit styles
  • Load a "border style" color theme on District layers and Census geography
  • The "Allow overlapping labels" option now uses Smart Alignment, maximizing the number of features labeled by trying alternate locations to reduce the conflicts between labels
  • Expanded file import support for Google Earth Documents (KML/KMZ) attribute data fields, Microsoft Streets & Trips (EST) and Microsoft AutoRoute (AXE) files, MapPoint Map files (PTM, EST, AXE) icon styles and colors
  • Access to aerial, road, terrain, and hybrid map layers (including OpenStreetMap, USGS Topographic Maps, and USGS Aerial Imagery) that can serve as distinctive backgrounds to your maps
  • Support for the latest MrSID libraries (version 8.5)

Professional Reports Detailing the Impacts of Plan Boundaries

  • Updated report style for all redistricting reports
  • New Partisan Competitiveness Reports (partisan data not included):
    • Efficiency Gap: The efficiency gap is a measure of partisan symmetry, introduced by Stephanopoulos and McGhee. They proposed this measure, which is a single percentage for district plan, as a practical legal test for Political Gerrymandering cases.
    • Declination: The declination is a measure of partisan asymmetry, introduced Warrington. He proposed this measure, which is a single value for a district plan, as a practical legal test for Political Gerrymandering cases.
    • Mean-Median Difference: The Mean-Median Difference is a measure of partisan asymmetry, introduced by Wang, who observed that this simple and old statistical measure of “skewness” could be useful when analyzing partisan gerrymandering.
  • New Measures of Compactness
    • Minimum Convex Figure Test: The Area/Convex Hull test computes the ratio the district area to the area of the convex hull of the district (minimum convex polygon which completely contains the district).
    • Cut Edges Test: The Cut Edges test counts the number of edges removed (“cut”) from the adjacency (dual) graph of the base layer to define the districting plan.
  • Integrated Report Designer facilitates report customization without additional software

New and Updated Data

  • American Community Survey (ACS) data from 2011-2016 for Block Group geography and larger

Enhanced Analysis Tools

  • Ability to link to external data and update your map without having to reimport your table from scratch makes updating polling place locations and incumbent locations simple
  • Shapefile layer attribute tables can be edited via Dataview-Modify Table
  • Distance and Travel Time Tables tool makes it easy to identify closest locations to polling places or incumbent offices within your thresholds
  • Improved routing tools which let you control speeds by road category, export to PDF, and much more facilitate route creating when planning meetings with stakeholders
  • Enhanced drive time rings that can be concentric, cumulative, have multiple origins, and can produce reports via a single click provide smart analysis about areas surrounding important locations in your plan
  • A circle/radius drawing tool and a line drawing tool, each auto-labeled with distance
  • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA) humanitarian symbols
  • The Formula dialog box supports the batch summing and multiplication of multiple fields
  • The Formula dialog box and Selection Toolbox support the "matches" operation