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Maptitude Featured Map Infographic:
Concentration of Donut Stores

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For National Donut Day (June 7) we mapped over 16,000 donut stores nationwide, from the big national chains such as Dunkin', Tim Hortons, and Krispy Kreme to individual specialty stores, and computed the number of stores per 100,000 people in each state. The national average is 4.91 stores per 100,000. Donuts seem to be particularly popular in the Northeast states with Rhode Island (19.01), Massachusetts (18.79), and New Hampshire (17.11) all well above the national average.

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Maptitude mapping software infographic of donut stores by state for June 7  National Donut Day  

Map: Created with Maptitude Mapping Software by Caliper, June 2024
Source: HERE (October 2023) and Census American Community Survey
Methodology: Filtered HERE data for largest chains (Dunkin', Tim Hortons, Krispy Kreme, Daylight, Shipley Do-Nuts, Donut Palace, Honey Dew, Yum Yum, Winchell's) and any other store containing "Donut" or "Doughnut" in the name and aggregated the total by state using Maptitude.

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