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Maptitude United Kingdom Mapping Software

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United Kingdom Franchise Mapping Software

By Stewart Berry
12 December 2023

Maptitude is a robust and easy-to-use professional franchise mapping tool. Maptitude provides all the features that your organisation requires in order to take advantage of the geographic elements underpinning successful franchise territory and site location decisions.

Maptitude costs only US$695 and is packaged as a one-stop-solution, shipping with all the tools and data required to investigate potential and existing franchise site performance, while supporting sound business planning for both franchisors and franchisees.

United Kingdom franchise mapping software location map

Use the data included with Maptitude to study existing franchise allocation.

Maptitude United Kingdom franchise location mapping software

Maptitude United Kingdom franchise location mapping software.

Sean Young

“Maptitude just works! We now build our franchise territories with ease. Our organization has benefited from our ability to strategically plan out prospective territories, gauge market penetration of our active franchise territories, and begin to identify what our top performing territories have in common.”

Sean Young
The Glass Guru

Mike Sawyer, CKE Restaurants

“Maptitude helps our franchisees navigate through the clutter and focuses them on areas where there is the greatest likelihood for success.”

Mike Sawyer
CKE Restaurants

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On this page:

Franchise Site Selection Mapping

Maptitude makes it easy to use maps to analyse and understand the best locations for franchise site selection. Maptitude is a powerful combination of site mapping software and geographic data that provides everything that you need to make informed decisions.

In addition to the latest demographics, Maptitude includes substantial social, housing, and income data, along with easy-to-use analysis tools that will allow you to better understand the relationships between your demand, supply, and competitor locations.

For example, the Maptitude United Kingdom Data Package includes extensive business listing locations and detailed population characteristics. These data provide a complete framework for establishing new franchises.

Evaluate locations using the United Kingdom census data included with Maptitude franchise territory mapping software

Evaluate the demographics about any number of sites with Maptitude franchise territory mapping software.

Maptitude allocates franchises to achieve sustainable revenue generating territories, and can minimize competition or cannibalization as well as integrating many other factors into the decision process based on the user’s preferences.

In addition to the site selection tools, Maptitude has extensive functionality for marketing and sales mapping including travel time & distance rings.

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Franchise Territory Mapping Software

Maptitude franchise territory mapping software gives you a suite of tools for creating franchise territories and includes extensive demographics, consumer segmentation data, and address/postal geocoding and validation.

Maptitude United Kingdom territory mapping software - build custom territories from postcodes

Create and visualize franchise territories by grouping areas, by drawing boundaries, or based on driving distance or time.

Often a territory is an area that is made up of several smaller areas merged together. For example, franchise territories might be made up of groups of postcodes, neighbourhoods, or other regions. Maptitude can build the franchise territories for you and compute the attributes and demographics of each one, helping you decide where to expand a retail franchise.

You can use Maptitude to create franchise territories based on a table or Excel spreadsheet of data; interactively by clicking on features in a map such as postal areas; or manually by drawing whatever boundary lines you require using the Maptitude editing tools. It is also possible to create franchise territories based on streets or overlapping franchise territories that define exclusive or non-exclusive markets. Your franchise territories can be stored natively in Maptitude or in formats including Shapefile, Oracle Spatial, or SQL Server Spatial.

Unlike many other mapping and GIS software packages that require users to purchase data separately, Maptitude includes extensive geographic and demographic data so that you can get started developing franchise territories as soon as you install the software.

In addition, the Franchise Clique blog recognizes Maptitude as a global solution, saying “[the] international capabilities make Maptitude a great option for franchisors expanding into [international] territories.” Maptitude ships with one country of your choice (see complete list), and when you are looking to explore markets such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, additional Country Packages can be purchased separately.

Maptitude starts at only US$695 and is packaged as a one-stop-solution. Maptitude remains the most competitively priced professional franchise territory software available and is unique in the marketplace for the provision of comprehensive data and functionality in a single product for a single low price.  

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There's no better franchise mapping software at any price. Why spend more for less?

CKE Restaurants CASE STUDY: How CKE Grew Their Business with Maptitude
CKE relies on Maptitude to simplify territory identification and allocation, as well as to improve franchisee satisfaction through providing insightful market intelligence.

“Want to know whether a certain franchise is really a good opportunity in your area, you could profit from a type of software known as a GIS, or geographic information system. Unfortunately, GIS software...has been rather hard to use, and the demographic data needed to make it worthwhile has often been frightfully expensive. That is now changing [with] Maptitude.”

L.A. Times

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