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Maptitude Mapping Software

Maptitude Online Sharing allows you to share the maps and reports that you create in Maptitude with people who don't have the desktop Maptitude software. The straight-forward publishing tools allow you to easily distribute your findings and results to those that need them within an organization and beyond.

Maptitude Online Sharing

Simple upload tools in desktop Maptitude securely transfer the data to the Maptitude Online platform where administrator and team permissions can be set. Secure logins provide access to maps, data, and reports that can be accessed, queried, and downloaded. Maptitude Online brings the benefits of the intuitive and powerful analytics of the desktop to the whole organization. You can also choose which Maptitude Online maps you would like to make public.

  • Users with the latest Maptitude desktop versions can subscribe to share their maps privately or publicly.
    • To share privately with your team for only US$35 per month, paid annually, per user, subscribe now!
    • If you would like to share maps publicly, contact us at or at +1-617-527-4700
  • Maptitude Online makes it simple to upload and share your maps and is supported by comprehensive help that you can view here and in the Maptitude Learning Portal that you can view here.

How to upload and access maps in Maptitude Online

This video provides step-by-step instructions for how to share maps with Maptitude Online.

0:00 - Introduction
0:24 - Uploading maps and reports from Maptitude
2:39 - Sharing maps with other users or teams
3:06 - Opening and moving around a map

4:01 - Changing what is visible in the online map
4:24 - Viewing the data associated with a map
6:08 - Exporting a picture of the map
6:21 - Opening uploaded reports