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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Best Sales Territory Mapping Software

Maptitude territory software gives you a suite of tools useful for creating territories for your business mapping needs. Maptitude empowers sales teams with robust territory management software.

Often a territory is an area that is made up of several smaller areas merged together. For example, sales territories or market areas might be made up of groups of postal zones, counties, or other regions. Maptitude has a territory mapper wizard that can build the territories for you and compute the attributes and demographics of each one.

The Maptitude territory mapper can build custom sales territories

Maptitude sales territory map software can map territories from smaller areas, such as states and provinces, with your data attached.

You can use Maptitude to create territories based on:

  • a table or Excel spreadsheet of data
  • interactively clicking on features in a map such as postal areas
  • manually drawing whatever boundary lines you require using the Maptitude editing tools.

It is also possible to create overlapping territories or territories based on streets. Your territories can be stored natively in Maptitude or in formats including Shapefile, Oracle Spatial, or SQL Server Spatial.

Unlike many other mapping and GIS software packages that require users to purchase data separately, Maptitude is a professional territory map creator that includes extensive geographic and demographic data so that you can get started creating territories as soon as you install the software.

Andy Zoltners“Companies we have worked with have estimated that poor alignment costs them between two and seven percent of sales. For many companies millions of dollars are being forfeited each year due to territory inequities.”

Andy Zoltners
“Sales Territory Alignment: An Overlooked Productivity Tool”
Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Benefits of Sales Territory Mapping Software

  • Define and modify your sales territories based on geography, demographics, or your corporate revenue or customer distribution
  • Group areas to create your own customer trade areas and territory assignments
  • Create overlapping territories
  • Build territories based on drive time, drive distance, or straight-line distances
  • Use intuitive territory design tools to quickly create custom territory maps
  • Improve sales management using territories based on the latest data
  • Supports many file formats including Microsoft Excel and Google Map formats (KML, KMZ)


CKE Restaurants How CKE Grew Their Business with Maptitude
CKE relies on Maptitude to simplify territory identification and allocation, as well as to improve franchisee satisfaction through providing insightful market intelligence.

Traditional Territory Tools

Analysts, managers, and sales teams often start building out their locations using traditional mapping tools such as circular rings (buffers) or drive-time zones. Other tools for beginners include certain automatic and manual boundary creation methods:

  • A straight-line distance tool that automatically determines the areas closest to each of your facilities by building areas of influence (Thiessen Polygons or a Voronoi Diagram), then estimates the attributes and demographics within each area to identify areas that are under- or over-served or to give you a quick visualization of your service areas.
  • A tool for manually creating, adding, moving, or splitting areas by drawing boundary lines. You can also add and edit areas using lines from features such as roads, railroads, or rivers. Areas in non-native file formats, including Esri Shapefiles and geodatabases which can have overlapping areas, can be edited and Maptitude can automatically "snap" overlaps as you edit.

However, as sales regions become more complex or as more franchises or sales reps are added, it becomes increasingly necessary to better manage your markets.

Maptitude territory mapping tool for creating territories based on straight line distances

Another Maptitude territory mapping tool determines areas of influence based on straight-line distances to identify areas that are under- or over-served.

Modern Ways to Map Sales Territories

A Wizard for importing your region, county, or postal data directly into a new territory layer

A "merge-by-value" utility that uses a field already in a table as the basis for creating territories. The areas, such as postal zones, are grouped based on a field that contains the territory codes. The tool automatically computes the attributes of the new areas using any number of additional fields. This tool can also create your territories based on data filters and queries. Further, the territories you create can overlap in as many places as required and can be visualized using an "edge" style.

Maptitude sales area mapping software can create overlapping territories

Maptitude sales area mapping software allows you to create overlapping territories and visualize them with an "edge-based" color theme.

A territory manager for modifying your territories

Balance your territories by population, number of customers, sales volume, or any other variable using point-and-click and lasso tools for choosing the features to move from one territory to another. For each territory you can view demographic totals (e.g., high-income earners, households) and a count of the number of combined zones (such as Postal/ZIP Codes). In addition, there is control over managing territory overlap.

Maptitude sales territory mapping by ZIP Code showing balanced franchise territories created with Maptitude territory optimization software

Sales territory mapping by ZIP Code. Group together ZIP Codes to make ZIP Code territories that are balanced by sales, customers, population, or other values with Maptitude territory optimization software.

A street-based territory tool that provides advanced zone creation capabilities

You can create territories around locations based on the time or distance it takes to travel along roads. Such territories can be weighted by the size of the facility, the number of clients, or the amount of revenue, ensuring that the most successful locations dominate smaller ones proportionately. This tool also allows the complete assignment of a market to your list of locations, allowing your probable market coverage, for example, to be easily visualized by sales representatives.

Maptitude territory management software includes tools for creating territories based on travel time

Maptitude territory management software includes a territory mapping tool for creating street-based territories such as these that are based on the shortest travel time to various hospitals.

Sean Young

“Maptitude just works! We now build our franchise territories with ease. Our organization has benefited from our ability to strategically plan out prospective territories, gauge market penetration of our active franchise territories, and begin to identify what our top performing territories have in common.”

 Sean Young
The Glass Guru

An easier way to create new territory plans

Maptitude is a sales territory mapping tool that provides an easier way to create new territory plans.

Sales territory planning and management software needs to provide a clear visual representation of your sales distribution. Sales maps with territory overlays are the best way to understand your prospects and sales rep territories. But the mapping process must be intuitive, whether you are plotting pins for new reps, analyzing sales performance, or trying to analyze territories to support sales capacity planning.

Effective territories mean higher sales by creating fair and equitable territories for your sales people because sales overlaps are minimized. Sales managers can use predictive insights and quota planning with their sales data to create an accurate sales territory plan. Maptitude meets these needs, coming with the sales tools and the software tools you need in a versatile territory planning solution.

Automated Territory Creation

Maptitude sales territory software has tools for automatically creating territories. These territories can be balanced so that they contain equal numbers of customers, sales, population, or any other value.  

  • Partitioning organizes postal zones, counties, or other regions into territories based on proximity or similarity, to produce territories that are contiguous, compact, and balanced. Partitioning supports service territory alignment, sales and marketing, redistricting, and many other applications.
  • Clustering organizes customers, facilities, or areas into groups that are compact and can be serviced efficiently. Territories can be restricted to a certain size, such as a customer or population maximum. Clustering is very flexible and can be used to solve many problems such as sales force deployment.

The automatic territory creation tools are available free with the latest version of Maptitude. Please contact Caliper Sales at +1 617-527-4700 or for more information.

Maptitude sales territory mapping software can automatically create balanced territories from groups of features

Maptitude territory mapping software can automatically create balanced territories from groups of features

Maptitude territory planning software can cluster and organize features into compact groups

Maptitude territory planning software can automatically cluster and organize features into compact groups

Esat Angun

We use Maptitude extensively for running complex Territory Alignment scenarios. The depth of the product, its total utility and functionality is immense. Import-Export capability with Excel is seamless. It is easy to work with and Maptitude support is second to none. My complements to the Maptitude team: They have created a solid product and it is one of the best software investments we have made as an organization.”

  Esat Angun
Director - Sales Operations, Octapharma, USA

Create National or International Territories

You can create national territories using your chosen Country Package at any of the levels of geography provided. In addition, you can also create maps that span multiple nations or even the entire globe. You can select/lasso entire countries, or just sub-national geographies such as provinces.

Maptitude territory mapping software can automatically create balanced territories from groups of features

Create territories from any level of geography within a country

Maptitude territory planning software can cluster and organize features into compact groups

Create territories from countries on a global scale

How to Use A Sales Territory Manager

The Maptitude Territory Manager contains tools for working with and modifying territory layers. For example, an Excel file that contains information on customers, their addresses, their sales volume, and the sales territory to which they belong can easily be used. Once the Excel file has been used to create a territory layer in the map, you can then use the tools in the Territory Manager to modify and rebalance the territories, and then finally to export those changes back to Excel.

Below we walk you through these steps. Alternatively, you can watch the video here.


First, you use the Maptitude “Create-a-Map Wizard” to create a geocoded point layer of your customers on a map.


Next you start the Territory Wizard and use either the geocoded point layer or the Excel file to create the territories, and balance the total customer sales in each territory. You can also choose to see other variables such as the population, number of households, or disposable income in each territory. Maptitude adds the territories to your customer map and opens the Territory Manager. On the territories tab you will see a list of the territories and the total sales for all the customers located in each territory.


Some of the territories may have “holes” in them. Such holes are where there are, for example, ZIP Codes that were not in your Excel file because there were no customers located there. You can fix the holes by using the selection/lasso tools and clicking where the holes in the territory are to select the underlying ZIP Codes.


You can also monitor how sales vary by territory and adjust the territories so that the sales totals are more balanced, tracking how the sales totals for the territories change as you move ZIP Codes from one territory to another.


The final task is to update the customers with their new territories. You can automatically compare each customer with the changed territory layer and fill a field with the name of the territory in which the customer is now located. You can export all this information about the territories back to Excel, including the population, estimated household income, number of households for various income ranges, age, racial distribution, and housing data.

Example: One of the big issues you face, especially if you are in the franchise industry, is providing fair and balanced "protected" territories. You want to maximize market potential while avoiding cannibalizing the sales of an existing location. But you may also need to establish such boundaries clearly, to adhere to the legalities of a sales or franchise agreement. Maptitude allows you to track and balance as many territory characteristics as you want, allowing you to better establish, justify, and defend profitable territories.

Sales territory mapping ExcelSales territory mapping Google Maps

Sales territory mapping Excel/sales territory mapping Google Maps

What are territory mapping tools?

Maptitude includes territory mapping tools for manually adding features to a territory. You can click on, drag a rectangle or circle around, click a line that intersects, or lasso areas to add them to a territory. In addition, you can control the rules for assignments, such as whether districts can overlap, whether you can choose from unassigned or empty areas, and whether you can reassign areas.

Maptitude territory mapping tools make it easy to build balanced territories by letting you track a running total of a variable of your choosing. For example, you can track the population or number of target prospects when building franchise territories. In addition, the ability to automatically create and balance territories, and to automatically readjust existing districts to have equal values, are both ways territory tools can save you time.

Maptitude Territory Mapping Videos

Build territories with the Maptitude territory mapping tools:

Create territory map with ZIP Codes:

There's no better territory mapping software at any price. Why spend more for less?

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