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How do I renew my subscription? 8
How to list ZIP Codes in Your Export to Excel Reports 796
Maptitude pre-purchase FAQ 791
How do I use a USB GPS device connected to a Surface tablet with Maptitude? 75
How do I create a color theme map? 747
How do I customize the style for layers that are using Feature Display? 740
How can I perform terrain analysis using Maptitude? 73
How Do I Make my Maps Look Nice? 72
How do I update linked data in Maptitude? 711
How do I find the address for a location I click on in the map (Reverse Geocoding)? 704
What Healthcare Data is available outside the US? 69
How can I tell which of my points were not found by Address and how do I fix them? 688
How do I use Transparency in a Map? 68
Why isn’t my data being recognized as Latitude/Longitude Coordinates? 663
How do I change the default limits in Maptitude? 66
How do I select Fitness Facilities by name from the Points of Interest layers? 63
What do I do if Maptitude crashes? 63
How can I change the format for my data so that it shows up in a label? 590
How do I change the default color theme? 562
How Can I Limit my Map to Only the Areas I Want to See? 554
How do I change the color of Density Grids? 543
What do I do if my fonts look wrong? 54
How do I create borders or outlines around my map symbols? 532
How do I Save the Contents of my Selection Set to Excel? 514
How can I add a range of ZIP Codes to a territory? 492
How do I name my drive-time rings and export the results to Excel? 487
What is the difference between editing a layer and adding my own freehand drawings? 487
How can I change the Country Package I’m using? 485
Is the 2020 census data included with Maptitude 2021? 473
Are the Maptitude Datasets available in other file formats? 47
How do I map my Census Tract codes? 469
How can I search for businesses using NAICS codes? 46
How do I Change the Default Fields in my Demographic Reports? 446
How do I find all the points of a given layer in an area? 443
What is the Working Layer? 438
How do I Open a Map I Created in a Previous Version of Maptitude? 432
How to use Urban Growth Boundaries in Maptitude 43
How can I Apply a Custom Color Theme to other Layers? 429
How do I update my territory layer to use the latest ZIP Code boundaries? 426
How do I download and customize the free AADT Traffic Volume layer for Maptitude? 421
How can I visualize Time Series data, such as the Population Projections? 419
How do I use AADT traffic count data with my locations? 415
How do I Use my Own Data in a Demographic Report? 413
How can I find the demographics for a group of ZIP Codes or other areas? 396
How can I upload my maps to Maptitude Online? 380
How do I Make a Layer in my Compressed Workspace its Own File? 378
How do I Use the Maptitude Help? 375
How do I make map themes look good? 37
What Are ZIP Code Business Patterns? 37
How can I split my list of stops into equal size clusters for routing? 368
How do I enable the 3GB switch in Windows to make more memory available to 32-Bit Windows? 3653
How do I identify multiple nearby locations for multiple origins? 365
What kinds of Comparison Analysis can I do for two groups of locations? 362
How can I get the mean/average of my data fields? 36
How do I map multiple routes? 36
How do I upload my data to Maptitude Online if I don’t have desktop Maptitude? 35
How can I set up my map to print at large scales? 3496
How do I find a central location for my layer? 348
How do I use British National Grid Eastings and Northings in a Map? 3415
How do I Use Hover Fields of My Own Data on an Area Layer? 341
How Can I find out where the Country Package data comes from? 341
How can I convert my territories to use a different base geography? 338
How do I download the free healthcare map layers for Maptitude? 337
How do I import MapPoint waypoints and use them with the Routing Manager? 331
Free Maptitude Online Sharing Trial 3236
How can I download Maptitude? 322
How do I download the free business layers for Maptitude? 319
How do I use the Export to Excel tools with the free healthcare layers? 311
How do I Choose the Type of Workspace I am Saving? 305
How does the Maptitude licensing work? 296
Which Aggregation Method Should I Choose? 293
Why do some layers turn on or off as I zoom? 293
What are the best map colors and layers? 29
How Do I Map Businesses by ZIP Code? 29
How Can I Place Multiple Labels For One Location? 284
How do I add existing layers to a map? 284
How Can I Find a List of all ZIP Codes within 10 Miles of my Data? 2749
How do I use my free data download? 274
How can I create a customized version of the healthcare layers? 270
How do I make my map legend look good? 27
How can I filter my data based on a Date field? 263
What training or support do I receive with Maptitude? 262
How do I make my map labels look good? 26
What types of data can I link directly to the source file to update automatically? 256
Why isn’t my data being recognized as Dates? 255
How do I download the free ZIP Code business count data for Maptitude? 254
How do I download the free Point of Interest layers for Maptitude? 251
How to include more fields in the Excel route list when using the Directions Manager? 249
How do I import an Excel file into Google Maps? 2476
How do I map the age of householder by household income data included with Maptitude? 246
How do I add Tracking Fields to my Territories? 243
How can I export a list of points contained in a custom area or radius? 243
When Can I Use the Edit-Undo Function in Maptitude? 242
How do I create a county glow map? 241
Where is my Toolbar? 24
How do I create bivariate maps? 24
How can I make a Postcode Heat Map for the DACH Region? 238
Why Can’t I Use the Live Link Functionality with my Data? 234
How can I map my largest values? 23
How do I include more fields in the description of my origins and destinations in the Distance and Travel-time tables? 222
How do I create overnight routes or routes with no fixed end time? 222
How do I choose a map background? 22
How do I add all the ZIP Codes in a state or county to a territory? 219
What is a Database Join? 219
How Can I Build Territories out of my Canadian Postcode Layer? 217
How can I show multiple routes on the same map? 2157
How do I Calculate Multiple Point-to-Point Driving Drive Times at Once? 2101
What is the Maptitude remote desktop license and how should it be set up? 2044
How do I create territories using the Select by Condition tool? 204
How do I Use the Home Window? 202
How do I locate data by coordinate using table formats such as comma separated? 202
How do I create territories from postcodes for the Western Europe country package? 201
How do I make the color theme more transparent? 200
How do I calculate brand market share by region? 198
How do I find all the ZIP codes (including point ZIP Codes) inside my territories and which territory they’re in? 1971
What If I Don’t See An Article For My Problem? 197
How Can I Aggregate the ZIP Code Business Count Data to Other Area Layers? 197
How to Add Multiple Territory Layers to the Same Map? 1934
How do I filter healthcare locations by taxonomy? 192
Why are my maps blurry? 192
How Can I Create Worldwide Territories? 185
What are USA ZIP Codes? 18
How Do I Map Business Counts or NAICS by ZIP Code? 18
How do I create a Bubble Map? 178
How do I automatically create territories of equal size? 171
Why can’t I route all my points? 17
How do I find all the ZIP codes (including point ZIP Codes) inside my territories? 1667
How do I find the Demographics for each ZIP code in my Territory? 163
Why Can’t I Use The Export to PDF option? 161
Using Formula Fields to Create Percent fields for Themes 160
How Accurate is the Business Pattern Census Data? 16
What is a Workspace File and How do I Use it? 1545
How do I Highlight Street Intersections on my Map? 154
How Can I Find the Center or Centroid of an Area? 154
How do I tag my locations with the Highway Exit information 153
How do I create a demographic map? 1525
How do I create a density or heat map of my locations? 1525
How do I map my international data by world city? 152
How do I automatically map my data using the locate tools? 152
How are report demographics calculated? 151
How do I search a dataview for a particular field? 150
How do I create a ring that encompasses healthcare providers? 150
How do I find the average household expenditure in a radius? 149
How do I import opensource public transport/transit data? 148
What can I do if my points overlap? 147
How do I Learn to Use Maptitude? 147
How Can I Show and Hide Businesses by Two-Digit Sector in a Dataview? 145
How do I use the Facility Location tool if I don’t have Candidate Facilities? 1437
How Can I Add an Image to My Map? 142
How do I create summary fields from the free USA Country demographic projections? 142
How do I change the map unit language and measurements? 139
What is the best location for my business? 139
How do I create nationwide rings that contain 80% of my target value? 137
How can I format my addresses to be used in Maptitude using Microsoft Excel? 1351
How do I change the order of the bars in a Chart Theme? 135
How do I find locations in the overlap between rings? 134
What census data is there for housing market data? 13
What is the Housing Price Index and how can I map it? 13
How can I see the number of building permits by area? 13
How can I plan vaccine delivery routes? 13
What do I do if I have Issues with Google Earth Imagery? 1291
Why Are My Maps Not Centered? 129
How do I find the demographic composition around a bank? 128
How can I ensure my data in Maptitude is secure? 122
How do I change the way my Territories look? 1212
How do I map housing market data? 12
How do I update my video driver to improve Maptitude display performance? 119
How can I perform a Lasso analysis using the Healthcare Layers? 119
How do I download and use the Highway Exit and Interchange locations layers 117
Can Maptitude Work with 32-bit Windows? 115
How Can I Add a Regression Line to my Maptitude Chart? 113
How can I only show the hospitals from a particular health system? 108
How do I open a world map in Maptitude? 107
How do I download the free U.S. PLSS & TXSS layers for Maptitude? 103