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How do I create a color theme map? 997
How do I map my Census Tract codes? 961
How do I import my MapPoint territory layer? 951
How can I get the mean/average of my data fields? 95
How can I download Maptitude? 946
How can I map my largest values? 91
How Accurate is the Business Pattern Census Data? 90
How can I plan vaccine delivery routes? 90
How do I customize the style for layers that are using Feature Display? 891
How do I find the address for a location I click on in the map (Reverse Geocoding)? 891
What census data is there for housing market data? 87
How can I tell which of my points were not found by Address and how do I fix them? 867
How do I update linked data in Maptitude? 862
How can I see the number of building permits by area? 86
How do I select area features inside a selected region of another area layer? 86
How do I map housing market data? 85
How Can I Limit my Map to Only the Areas I Want to See? 802
How Can I Delete My Freehand Drawings? 80
Why can’t I route all my points? 76
How can I change the format for my data so that it shows up in a label? 710
What is the Working Layer? 703
What is Construction Valuation and how can I map it? 70
How do I change the default color theme? 693
How do I create borders or outlines around my map symbols? 678
How do I import an Excel file into Google Maps? 6655
How do I Save the Contents of my Selection Set to Excel? 664
How do I change the color of Density Grids? 663
How can I add a range of ZIP Codes to a territory? 657
What is the difference between editing a layer and adding my own freehand drawings? 651
How can I change the Country Package I’m using? 644
Is the 2020 census data included with Maptitude 2022? 625
How can I find the demographics for a group of ZIP Codes or other areas? 621
How do I name my drive-time rings and export the results to Excel? 599
How can I visualize Time Series data, such as the Population Projections? 598
How can I upload my maps to Maptitude Online? 566
How can I Apply a Custom Color Theme to other Layers? 554
How do I Open a Map I Created in a Previous Version of Maptitude? 549
How do I find all the points of a given layer in an area? 535
How do I Change the Default Fields in my Demographic Reports? 531
How do I update my territory layer to use the latest ZIP Code boundaries? 522
How do I add existing layers to a map? 516
How do I Use Hover Fields of My Own Data on an Area Layer? 506
How do I download and customize the free AADT Traffic Volume layer for Maptitude? 505
How do I use AADT traffic count data with my locations? 504
How do I Use my Own Data in a Demographic Report? 504
Free Maptitude Online Trial 5030
Can I use Maptitude Online with non-USA countries? 49
How do I Make a Layer in my Compressed Workspace its Own File? 479
How do I use British National Grid Eastings and Northings in a Map? 4703
How can I split my list of stops into equal size clusters for routing? 469
How do I find a central location for my layer? 465
How do I identify multiple nearby locations for multiple origins? 460
How can I create a delivery and/or pickup route for each day of the week? 46
When will the 2021 Canada Census Data be Released? 46
How do I Use the Maptitude Help? 451
What kinds of Comparison Analysis can I do for two groups of locations? 445
How do I enable the 3GB switch in Windows to make more memory available to 32-Bit Windows? 4419
Why isn’t my data being recognized as Dates? 441
How Can I Place Multiple Labels For One Location? 435
How can I convert my territories to use a different base geography? 430
How do I import MapPoint waypoints and use them with the Routing Manager? 423
What is a Database Join? 423
Why do some layers turn on or off as I zoom? 420
How Can I Locate the Northern Ireland Postcodes? 42
How can I set up my map to print at large scales? 4185
How Can I find out where the Country Package data comes from? 414
How do I download the free healthcare map layers for Maptitude? 403
Why are my maps blurry? 396
How do I download the free business layers for Maptitude? 395
How do I use the Export to Excel tools with the free healthcare layers? 393
How can I export a list of points contained in a custom area or radius? 386
When Can I Use the Edit-Undo Function in Maptitude? 381
How Can I Create Worldwide Territories? 372
How do I Choose the Type of Workspace I am Saving? 370
Which Aggregation Method Should I Choose? 365
How can I filter my data based on a Date field? 360
What types of data can I link directly to the source file to update automatically? 360
How Can I Find a List of all ZIP Codes within 10 Miles of my Data? 3586
How do I download the free Point of Interest layers for Maptitude? 349
How can I create a customized version of the healthcare layers? 348
How do I use my free data download? 348
How do I add all the ZIP Codes in a state or county to a territory? 346
How do I map the age of householder by household income data included with Maptitude? 343
How do I create a county glow map? 342
How do I download the free ZIP Code business count data for Maptitude? 336
How do I Calculate Multiple Point-to-Point Driving Drive Times at Once? 3323
How Can I Find the Center or Centroid of an Area? 331
How can I make a Postcode Heat Map for the DACH Region? 326
How do I add Tracking Fields to my Territories? 325
How do I create territories using the Select by Condition tool? 325
What can I do if my points overlap? 324
How do I locate data by coordinate using table formats such as comma separated? 322
What training or support do I receive with Maptitude? 320
How do I calculate brand market share by region? 318
How to include more fields in the Excel route list when using the Directions Manager? 312
Why Can’t I Use the Live Link Functionality with my Data? 312
How Can I Aggregate the ZIP Code Business Count Data to Other Area Layers? 312
How do I include more fields in the description of my origins and destinations in the Distance and Travel-time tables? 308
How can I show multiple routes on the same map? 2962
How Can I Build Territories out of my Canadian Postcode Layer? 294
How do I automatically create territories of equal size? 290
How do I use Transparency in a Map? 285
How do I make the color theme more transparent? 284
How do I find the Demographics for each ZIP code in my Territory? 280
How do I create overnight routes or routes with no fixed end time? 275
How do I Highlight Street Intersections on my Map? 273
How Can I Add an Image to My Map? 273
How do I find locations in the overlap between rings? 273
How do I create a Bubble Map? 270
How do I map multiple routes? 268
What If I Don’t See An Article For My Problem? 267
How do I create territories from postcodes for the Western Europe country package? 264
How are report demographics calculated? 263
Using Formula Fields to Create Percent fields for Themes 262
How do I create nationwide rings that contain 80% of my target value? 259
How do I import opensource public transport/transit data? 258
How do I filter healthcare locations by taxonomy? 249
Why Can’t I Use The Export to PDF option? 248
How do I Use the Home Window? 246
What is the Maptitude remote desktop license and how should it be set up? 2436
How Can I Show and Hide Businesses by Two-Digit Sector in a Dataview? 230
How to Add Multiple Territory Layers to the Same Map? 2294
How do I find all the ZIP codes (including point ZIP Codes) inside my territories and which territory they’re in? 2293
How do I automatically map my data using the locate tools? 224
How do I create a ring that encompasses healthcare providers? 219
How do I make map themes look good? 219
Does Maptitude have data for other countries? 217
How do I map my international data by world city? 216
How do I change the map unit language and measurements? 214
Why Are My Maps Not Centered? 213
How do I Learn to Use Maptitude? 212
What is the Housing Price Index and how can I map it? 212
How do I search a dataview for a particular field? 209
How Do I Map Business Counts or NAICS by ZIP Code? 207
How do I tag my locations with the Highway Exit information 206
How do I find the average household expenditure in a radius? 206
What is the best location for my business? 206
How do I make my map legend look good? 201
How can I ensure my data in Maptitude is secure? 200
How do I create a density or heat map of my locations? 1996
What Are ZIP Code Business Patterns? 199
How do I create summary fields from the free USA Country demographic projections? 198
How do I make my map labels look good? 198
How can I format my addresses to be used in Maptitude using Microsoft Excel? 1889
What do I do if I have Issues with Google Earth Imagery? 1869
How do I change the order of the bars in a Chart Theme? 184
How do I find the demographic composition around a bank? 184
How do I find all the ZIP codes (including point ZIP Codes) inside my territories? 1831
What is a Workspace File and How do I Use it? 1824
Can Maptitude Work with 32-bit Windows? 181
How do I create a demographic map? 1761
How can I perform a Lasso analysis using the Healthcare Layers? 175
Why is Maptitude Online not working? 175
How can I only show the hospitals from a particular health system? 174
How Do I Make my Maps Look Nice? 173
How do I update my video driver to improve Maptitude display performance? 168
How do I use the Facility Location tool if I don’t have Candidate Facilities? 1658
How do I download and use the Highway Exit and Interchange locations layers 163
What do I do if Maptitude crashes? 162
Where is my Toolbar? 160
How Can I Add a Regression Line to my Maptitude Chart? 158
How do I open a world map in Maptitude? 158
How Do I Map Businesses by ZIP Code? 157
How do I use a USB GPS device connected to a Surface tablet with Maptitude? 156
How do I assign a Territory/Region to every customer? 155
What are the best map colors and layers? 153
How do I add layers to a map from energy market websites? 152
How do I add users to, renew, or cancel my subscription? 149
Why Are My Census Tracts Not Mapping Correctly? 148
How do I change the way my Territories look? 1474
How can I switch the rows and columns of my data? 145
When will the 2021 UK Census Data be Released? 145
How do I download the free U.S. PLSS & TXSS layers for Maptitude? 143
How do I change the default limits in Maptitude? 142
How can I search for businesses using NAICS codes? 139
Why is my Google Satellite Layer drawing so slowly? 135
How can I perform terrain analysis using Maptitude? 135
How to outline or highlight a city or municipality 1306
Maptitude pre-purchase FAQ 1301
How do I choose a map background? 127
What do I do if my fonts look wrong? 119
How Can I Get my Lat/Long Coordinates in Other Formats? 1170
What are USA ZIP Codes? 117
How Can I Recover a Workspace File? 117
Why isn’t my data being recognized as Latitude/Longitude Coordinates? 1139
How do I select Fitness Facilities by name from the Points of Interest layers? 113
What Healthcare Data is available outside the US? 111
How do I upload my data to Maptitude Online if I don’t have desktop Maptitude? 110
How to list ZIP Codes in Your Export to Excel Reports 1079
How do I create bivariate maps? 107
How Can I Add Data to my Territories? 1055
Are the Maptitude Datasets available in other file formats? 102
How to use Urban Growth Boundaries in Maptitude 102
How does the Maptitude licensing work? 1002