How can I export a list of points contained in a custom area or radius?

You may want to know all of the cities, customers, or other points within a drawn area. This article will explain how you can quickly and easily get that information.

1. Right click on the layer you want to include in the Display Manager and choose Show Layer.
2. Click the tool in the drawing toolbar.
3. Either click where you want the center to be and enter the radius distance or click the center and drag to the desired size.
4. Right click on your circle and choose “Export to Excel”.
5. Excel should open automatically, otherwise, outside of Maptitude, browse to the location where you saved your file and open it in Excel.
6. Note the different sheets in the Excel workbook, and navigate to the sheet that contains the results you need.

You can also do the above using one of the other drawing tools, such as the freehand shape tool .

For more details on how to use the drawing tools, see:

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