How Can I Find the Center or Centroid of an Area?

When you have an area layer, you may want to know what the center points (or centroids) of your areas are. You can either show the centroids for an area layer or you can make a separate point layer with your area centroids. This article will explain how to do both.

Showing Your Area Centroids

1. Find the area layer you want to show the centers of in the display manager and click the style button (right next to the name)
2. Check the “Show Centroids” option
3. (optional) Click the box next to “Show Centroids” to change their appearance
4. Click OK

Your area layer will now show their centroids in your map.

Making a New Layer with your Area Centroids

1. Make the area layer you want the centroids for your working layer
2. Go to File>Export>Geography
3. Check the boxes for Export as Centroid Points and Add Layer to Map
4. Click OK

You now have a new point layer in your map with the plotted centroids of your areas.

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