How can I switch the rows and columns of my data?

Maptitude reads your data with your fields along the top (x-axis) and your records along the side (y-axis). You may need your tabular data in the reverse format, with your axes in your table swapped (also known as transposed). You can do this in Maptitude in two ways:

Method 1:
Go to Dataview>Tools>Transpose, then choose which features you want to export.
Note: This option will break the link with the map layers.

Method 2:
Open a new dataview of your layer (Dataview>New Dataview), right-click the table and choose “properties”. Check the “transpose” button and click OK.
You can also do this by clicking on an element with the tool, right-clicking and choosing “properties”.
Note: This option is just for visual purposes.

Alternate Method:
You can also transpose data directly in Excel. For steps on this, see:

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