How do I change the default color theme?

In Maptitude, when you create a color theme, the color palette is editable using the options in the Styles tab of the Color Theme dialog box. Every method of Color Theme has a default color palette that it uses; if you don’t like one of the default palettes, you can change it using the steps below. Here, we change the palette for the Optimal Breaks method of color theming.

  1. Begin by choosing Edit>Preferences
  2. Select the Theme tab
  3. Here, you can change the default number of classes in the color theme, as well as the default color scheme and style for different color, chart, pattern, and dot density themes.
  4. To adjust the default color scheme for the Optimal Breaks color theme, which is the primary coloring method for creating color maps based on demographics, click the radio button for Color theme (Other Methods).
  5. Now, you can cycle through the different default color schemes by clicking the Next and Previous buttons.

These steps can be used to change the default customization for many different themes. for example, to change the default Pattern Theme for points, you could click the Pattern theme (Points) radio button and cycle through the different colors using Next and Previous.

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