How do I change the default limits in Maptitude?

Certain features in Maptitude, such as the routing tools, have default limits on them to prevent the program from doing calculations that your computer cannot handle. The Routing Manager and Drive Time Rings Toolbox have maximum values for the number of stops/waypoints and for the maximum number of rings, travel time, and travel distance. However, you can manually change any of these limits. We only recommend modifying these if you have a PC with 64-bit Windows and over 8gb of RAM.

The following steps outline how to change these limits:

1. Start Maptitude and choose Edit>Preferences
2. Click the Routing tab
3. For drive-time rings you can change the minimum and maximum distance and time thresholds and the maximum number of bands. For routing, you can change the maximum number of stops/waypoints.

4. Click OK when you are done. Your changes are saved.

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