How do I create a county glow map?

You can create a glow map using any point layer. You can also create a point layer from any area layer that can subsequently be used in a glow map.

The following steps outline how to create a point layer from the county area layer and add a glow map to it:

  1. Make the County layer the working layer in your map.
  2. Choose File>Export>Geography to display the Export Geography dialog box.
  3. Type a name in the Layer name edit box (e.g., County Centroids), check the Include Built-in Data, Add layer to map, and Export as Centorid Points boxes, and click OK.
  4. Enter a name for the new layer and click Save.
  5. Make the new county centroid layer the working layer.
  6. Choose Map>Thematic Mapping>Color to display the Color Theme dialog box.
  7. Choose a field, such as Change in GDP, and the number of classes, then click the Styles tab.
  8. For each class, click Style to display the Style dialog box, choose the Color Image option from the radio list, click  and choose one of the glow icons (glow*.ico), and click Open and OK.
  9. Click OK when you are done choosing glow icons for all of the classes.
  10. You can optionally scale the size of the icons by choosing Map>Thematic Mapping>Size, choosing a field, and clicking OK.
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