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Restore Column Order in a Dataview

If you have used the Show/Hide Fields tool in a dataview and want to revert back to the defaults, you can show all columns in a dataview in their original order by right-clicking on a cell or column heading and choosing Show All.

Copy and Paste Cell Values

You can use the copy shortcut (Ctrl+C) to copy cell values and the paste shortcut (Ctrl-V) to edit cell values with data that has been copied.  You can paste these cell values into another dataview or into Microsoft Excel.

Writing Formula Fields

If a field name contains spaces or other special characters or starts with a digit, you must put square brackets around it. For example a field called “Age <5"  will need to be "[Age <5]" in your formula. Fields that require brackets will automatically display with them in the Formula Builder Field List.

Export Data to Excel

You can export demographic overlay data and other information to Excel by choosing the layer to export, making it the working layer, and clicking the Export to Excel button  on the Standard toolbar.

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