Using company logos for point icons

Maptitude can set your point icons to any number of appearances using your own or our provided fonts, but you may also wish to use a custom icon like a company logo. The following steps show how to map business locations using your own corporate logo:

  1. Open Maptitude and choose New map of my data/table/spreadsheet.
  2. Browse for the Excel file containing your data. Choose the sheet in the Excel workbook that contains your data and has fields such as address and postal code. Click OK.
  3. Follow the prompts for locating your data by address. Maptitude creates a map of your data.
  4. In the Display Manager click on the point layer style icon for your new layer.
  5. Choose Color Image from the Type radio button.
  6. Choose the image file by either typing the full path of the file in the File edit box or clicking  and browsing for the image file.
  7. Change the symbol size using the Size drop-down list.
  8. If you want to prevent labels from overlapping any point features, check the Prevent overlapping labels box.
  9. Click OK. Maptitude draws the point layer with the new style settings.
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