How Can I Limit my Map to Only the Areas I Want to See?

The geographic files in your Maptitude package contain features for the entire country or world. You can work with these files as they are, or you can create and use your own files. To display just a portion of a map you can:

  • Create a mask
  • Use the Multiclipper to create a set of new geographic files that include only a subset of the data

  1. To create a mask

    1. Choose an area layer on which to base the mask
    2. Use one of the selection methods to create a selection set that contains the area that you do not want masked (i.e. on which the mask will be built around)
    3. Choose Tools>Reports>Mask to display the Create a Mask dialog box.
    4. Choose the selection set that you created in step 2 from the Selection drop-down list. Maptitude adds the mask to your map so that only your area of interest is displayed.

    To use the Clip Layers tool

    1. Create a new folder on your hard disk to store the files that Clip Layers creates.
    2. Make the area layer from which to base the area the working layer.
    3. Use one of the selection methods to create a selection set that contains the features that define your area of interest.
    4. Choose Tools>Editing>Clip Layers to display the Clip Layers dialog box.
    5. Choose the layer used to define your area (the clipping layer) from the Layer drop-down list.
    6. Choose the selection set you created in step 3 from the Selection drop-down list.
    7. For each layer that you want to clip, highlight it in the scroll list and check the box in the Clip column.
    8. Choose the Create New Map radio button.
    9. Click OK and browse for the folder you created in step

Maptitude clips the layers you chose, creates new geographic files for just your area of interest, stores them in the new folder, and creates a new map from the files.

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