How do I Choose the Type of Workspace I am Saving?

In Maptitude 2019 you can choose between working in a Compressed Workspace (*.wrkz) or an Uncompressed Workspace (*.wrk). For more information on the differences see What is a Workspace and How do I Use It?

This article will go over some of the ways you can change between working in Compressed and Uncompressed workspaces:
To Change the Default Workspace Type for Future Workspaces
When you create a workspace in Maptitude 2019, unless you change it Maptitude will create the type of workspace that is set as your default. When first installed, the default will be set to create Compressed Workspaces. If you want to change to Uncompressed Workspaces for all future work, or if you have changed to Uncompressed Workspaces and want to change back you can change the default behavior with the following steps:
  1. Go to Edit>Preferences and click on the System tab
  2. Under the Startup section of this tab, there is a check box called Use Compressed Workspace (*.wrkz).
    • If this box is checked, all future workspaces created will be Compressed Workspaces that contain all the needed files for your work in one WRKZ file.
    • If this box is unchecked, all future workspaces created will be Uncompressed Workspaces. This will reflect the old way of working with layer files.
To Change the Workspace type for a Single Workspace (before creating it)
If you have a type of workspace set as your default, but you wish to create a single workspace of the alternative type, you can do this without changing the User Preference detailed above.
  1. If you are already at the Home window, skip to Step 2. Otherwise, go to File>New Workspace to open the Home Window. If you have a workspace open currently, you may be prompted to save any changes.
  2. On the Home window, click on Browse
  3. Choose a folder to save the workspace file into, and a name to save it as.
  4. Open the Save as type dropdown menu and choose the type of workspace you want this workspace to be. Click Save
  5. Continue through the Home window to create your workspace – see How do I Create a Workspace for more details on using the Home window.
To Change an Uncompressed Workspace into a Compressed Workspace
If you have created an Uncompressed Workspace, but want to convert it to a Compressed Workspace (e.g. to make sharing it much easier) you can do this very simply:
  1. Open your Workspace
  2. Go to File>Save Workspace As…
  3. Choose a location and a name for the new compressed workspace
  4. Change the Save as type to Workspace – Compressed (*.wrkz)
  5. Click Save
To Add a Layer from a Compressed Workspace to an Uncompressed Workspace
You can’t repeat the above steps to convert a Compressed Workspace into an Uncompressed Workspace. However, you can export an individual layer from the Compressed Workspace and add them to a new map in an Uncompressed Workspace.
  1. Open the Workspace
  2. Click on the map with the layer you wish to export to make it the Active Window
  3. Right click on the layer you wish to export and choose Make Working Layer
  4. Go to File>Export>Geography
  5. Choose the following options:
    • Export All Features
    • To Standard Geographic File
    • ID Field ID
    • Leave Layer Name as it was
    • Check the Include Built-in Data box
  6. Click OK
  7. Save the file to an appropriate location with an appropriate file name
  8. Go to File>Close Workspace. You may be prompted to save changes.
  9. Go File>New Workspace
  10. On the Home window, click on Browse
  11. Choose a folder to save the new uncompressed workspace file into, and a name to save it as.
  12. Open the Save as type dropdown menu and choose Workspace – Uncompressed. Click Save
  13. From the Home window, choose Open a File on the left.
  14. Select the layer file you saved in Step 7. Click
Maptitude will create an Uncompressed Workspace with a map in it that contains your layer.

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