How Can I Get my Lat/Long Coordinates in Other Formats?

When you create a point layer in Maptitude, you will notice that a Latitude and a Longitude field are added to the data. As Maptitude locates points in a database, it saves the coordinates of those points in millionths of degrees. However, many users may want to know the degrees.

This article details the steps to convert the Latitude Longitude fields into degrees:

  1. Open the layer of the points you want to convert.
  2. Open the dataview of that layer.
  3. Choose Dataview>Formula Fields to display the Formula dialog box.
  4. From the Field Picker, choose Longitude.
  5. Type “/ 1000000”
  6. In the Formula Field drop down menu, you can give the Formula Field a name, such as Degrees Longitude and click OK.
  7. Choose Dataview>Formula Fields again and repeat but use Latitude.
  8. This will add two new fields to your dataview that has the Lat/Long coodinates in degrees.

For an even fancier output you can get the coordinates in Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (DMS) by copying and pasting the following formulae:

r2s(abs(r2i(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lon/1000000)))+”° “+i2s(r2i(abs(mod(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lon,1000000)/1000000)*60))+”‘ “+format((abs(mod(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lon,1000000)/1000000) – r2i(abs(mod(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lon,1000000)/1000000)*60)/60)*3600,”00.00″)+'” ‘+(if r2i(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lon/1000000) > 0 then “E” else “W”)


r2s(abs(r2i(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lat/1000000)))+”° “+i2s(r2i(abs(mod(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lat,1000000)/1000000)*60))+”‘ “+format((abs(mod(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lat,1000000)/1000000) – r2i(abs(mod(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lat,1000000)/1000000)*60)/60)*3600,”00.00″)+'” ‘+(if r2i(GetPoint(rh2id(GetRecord())).lat/1000000) > 0 then “N” else “S”)

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