How do I update my video driver to improve Maptitude display performance?

From time to time a corrupt video driver can cause display problems in Maptitude. This article guides users through the process of determining their display adapter manufacturer/type and downloading a new one from the Internet.

Step 1: Determining what video card/driver you have:
  1. Type “Display” in the Windows Search box, and choose “Change Display Settings.”
  2. Click “Display adapter properties” at the bottom (or “Advanced settings” in older versions of Windows).
  3. Click the “Properties” button. An adapter properties dialog box will open.
  4. Take note of the name of the adapter and the manufacturer. While the user’s dialog box may not be identical to the one pictured, the same information should be present.
    Adapter Properties Dialog Box

Step 2: Updating your driver

Several web sites contain links to manufacturer’s driver pages. Among these is
  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on the link for a main search.
  4. Next, click on the first letter of the manufacturer’s name.
  5. Link to the manufacturer by clicking on their name. This will take you to the manufacturer’s web page – the specific steps vary by site at this point, the basics are as follows:
    1. Click on the driver link.
    2. Select your video card and download the driver.
Note: Drivers are generally contained in *.exe files. Once you have the *.exe file on your hard drive, you should double click it. The file will self-extract and replace your current driver.

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