How do I change the order of the bars in a Chart Theme?

In Maptitude, chart themes are drawn in the natural order of fields in a dataview. Creating a chart theme from the map does not allow you to change this order. Creating a chart theme from a dataview, however, does allow you to create chart themes with bars in any order.

The steps in this article will go over how to set up a bar chart theme with the bars in a custom order:
  1. Open a dataview of the layer for which you are working. While holding down the Ctrl key, click on column headings in the order you want. The columns will become highlighted as you click on them.
  2. Choose Map-Thematic Mapping-Chart. Maptitude will now compute the theme for the chosen fields and draw a new map.
  3. Maptitude will now create a new map with just one layer in it – the layer you just applied the Chart Theme to. You will see a Pie Chart theme applied to the layer, since this is the default.
  4. To change them to bar charts, click on the Chart Theme  button on the Standard toolbar, and choose a type of bar chart. Click OK, and the map will draw with bar charts, the bars being in the previously chosen order.
The chart theme will now be applied to the layer but in a new map by itself. If you want to add the same theme to an existing map, follow the steps below.
To apply the bar chart theme to another open map:
  1. Make the other map the active window.
  2. Find the layer you wish to apply the Chart Theme to in the Display Manager, right-click on it and choose Make Working Layer.
  3. Click the Chart Theme button .
  4. Click the Load button in the Chart Theme dialog box to display the Load Chart Theme dialog box. 
  5. Choose the From Workspace radio button and choose the chart theme to copy from the scroll list.
  6. Click OK two time to close both dialog boxes and copy the chart theme to the active map.
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