How do I search a dataview for a particular field?

Within a dataview, you can use the Find button to search for a specific field. This is particularly useful for the ZIP Code Business Count layer or any layer with an extremely large number of fields. This article outlines how to find a field in a dataview.

  1. In the Display Manager, right-click on a layer (e.g., 5-Digit ZIP Business) and choose New Dataview.
  2. Click Find  button on the Standard toolbar.
  3. To search for a field, open the Field drop-down list and type some letters from the field you are looking for (e.g., typing “Oil and Gas” would filter the list to show the “Drilling Oil and Gas Wells” fields, typing “Cater” would filter the list to show the “Caterers” fields).
  4. Choose the field you want to find from the filtered drop-down list and click OK. Maptitude displays the field highlighted in the dataview.
    • If you leave the Value field blank, it will go to the selected field and highlight the entire column.
    • If you enter a value in the Value field, it will search the dataview for the first record matching the entered value in the field you chose.
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