How do I download the free ZIP Code business count data for Maptitude?

The ZIP Code business count data are accessible as a free download for anyone with the latest version of Maptitude. In this tech tip, we describe how to install the layer and add it to a map.


  1. Download the data from the Caliper Store
  2. Once the files are downloaded, click OK, and then click the Install button. Follow the prompts to install the layer.
  3. To add the ZIP Code Business layer to a Maptitude map, open the map, click the Layers  button on the Standard toolbar, and click Add Layer in the Layers dialog box.
  4. Browse for the folder where the downloaded data are located (e.g., c:\ccdata\), choose ccZIP5BusinessPatterns.CDF, and click Open in the File Open dialog box.
  5. Maptitude adds the layer to the map. Close the layers dialog box to see the layers on the map. Note, you may want to move the ZIP Code Business layer up in the list so that it does not obscure other layers.
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