How Do I Map Businesses by ZIP Code?

You can map businesses by ZIP Code using business mapping software.

The pandemic has altered the business landscape in many ways, not least through relocations and closures. The full impact of the epidemic on companies is not yet known. We can better analyze the influence of the “how” and “where” of business, demographic, and economic change by looking at pre-pandemic business establishment and employment patterns and characteristics by ZIP Code. The impact on companies will vary in severity and duration depending on location and business type. A more comprehensive picture of the fallout will become more measurable in the months ahead, and this is a first step in that analysis.

The updated ZIP Code Business Count data for Maptitude includes the total number of businesses by type (by 6-digit North American Industry Classification System or “NAICS” codes, formerly known as SIC codes). For each business type (e.g., Full-Service Restaurants) you can map the number that fall into each employment size category (e.g., Full-Service Restaurants with 1-4 employees, Full-Service Restaurants with 1000+ employees, etc.).

These data are useful for businesses and market research analysts because they allow for analyzing market potentialmeasuring the effectiveness of sales and advertising programs, setting sales quotas, and developing budgets. Government agencies use the data for administration and planning.

The ZIP Code Business Count data are free for current Maptitude users, and is also available as shapefile, KML, KMZ, or GeoJSON for a fee. See the following links for details about the Business Count data and how to use it:

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