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How Do I Map Business Counts or NAICS by ZIP Code?

Maptitude ships with a ZIP Code layer that contains business count data. This layer includes the total number of businesses by type by 6-digit NAICS codes. Detailed breakdowns by industry can also be downloaded.

Sometimes, the only data relevant to your organization may be those within a specific two-digit NAICS sector. You can choose to limit dataviews to show just the data in a specific sector using the predefined Field Sets that are provided in Maptitude.

Another common use case of the data involves making a color or “heat” theme based on the number of businesses of some type within a given area. This map shows the total number of logging businesses in each state:

Most of the 4211 logging businesses can be found in the Northwest and Southeast United States, along with the upper Midwest and Maine. The greatest number of businesses are in Oregon (497), followed by Alabama (314), Washington (302), Mississippi (285), and Georgia (277).

The number of logging businesses is just one of the business count fields available for Maptitude. Maptitude users can download a free ZIP Code layer that has business counts for 978 NAICS codes including logging, timber tract operations, mining, and more.