How Do I Map Using Hexagons?

You can map using hexagons using demographic mapping software.

Caliper offers a free ZIP file containing a 20-mile hexagonal grid layer that covers the 48 contiguous United States, northern Mexico, and southern Canada (Caliper .CDF format for use with Maptitude)

You can click on the following link to download this data:

Once downloaded, open a new or existing map in Maptitude and follow these steps to overlay this data into your map:

  1. Go to Map>Layers and click “Add Layer”
  2. Navigate to where you saved the above hexagon files and open the file named “20 mile hexagons USA.cdf”
  3. Close the layer manager and make your newly added layer the working layer
  4. Go to Tools>Analysis>Overlay
  5. Turn off the report option and click OK to overlay the hexagon layer with our demographic data fields.

You will now have a new hexagon layer with all of the demographic fields for your country package.

You can use one of the thematic options to visualize the demographic data by following the Maptitude thematic mapping tutorial video.

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