Why Am I Seeing a File Not Found Message?

File Not Found messages can appear if Maptitude is unable to find Country package layers or your own custom layers or images.

The File Not Found message will show the last known location of the missing file.

For example, the message may show that Maptitude cannot locate: C:\ccData\USA (HERE) – 20XX Quarter 4\ccPlace.Cdf.

To locate the missing file(s), you can try the following steps:

  1. Choose the radio button The files are stored on my hard disk or my network.
  2. Click the Browse button and browse to the location of the new file. If a country package layer is missing, you can try to browse to the newer country package folder (e.g. C:\ccdata\USA (HERE) – 2022 Quarter 4).
    1. Please see this article if you do not see any Country Package folders, as you may not have it installed.
  3. Select the missing file and click Open.
    1. You may need to repeat these steps if there are multiple missing files.

Maptitude will then open the workspace and use the files that you specified.

Alternatively, you can choose to omit the missing files:

  1. Choose the radio button I want to try to continue without these files.
  2. Click OK.

Maptitude will open the workspace without the missing files.

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