What do I do if I have Issues with Google Earth Imagery?

Google Earth Not Working at All

When opening the Google Earth toolbox, you may get one of the following errors: 

  • “Unable to launch or connect to Google Earth.  To use this tool, you must have Google Earth installed.”, or
  • “It appears the Google Earth has not launched.  Please verify that Google Earth has launched, then choose Retry. (Retry/Cancel)”., or
  • “It appears the Google Earth application has not initialized. Please verify that Google Earth has launched.”

If you download and install Google Earth, but still get one of these error messages, it may be because you have a new 64-bit version of Google Earth or Google Earth Pro. To solve this, we will need to install the 32-bit version of Google Earth Pro. You can follow the steps below to swap out your current Google Earth version for the latest version of 32-bit Google Earth Pro.

  1. Search the Start menu for “Add or Remove Programs.”
  2. Scroll through the list of apps and features until you see Google Earth or Google Earth Pro; click on it and choose Uninstall.
  3. Follow the wizard to complete the uninstallation.
  4. Once Google Earth is uninstalled, close the Add or Remove Programs window and click this link to visit the download page for Google Earth Pro.
  5. Expand the “Download a Google Earth Pro Direct Installer” list and choose “v7.3.2 for Windows (32-bit)”.
  6. Download the installer. Once the download is complete, run the Google Earth Pro installer and follow the prompts.

Once the installation completes, you should be ready to use Maptitude’s Google Earth Toolbar!

Note: Google Earth automatically updates. Unfortunately, when this happens you will have to repeat from step 1 above.


Google Earth only Shows Black and White Imagery

Regrettably Google Earth put a restriction on images obtained by automation, that these images be in black and white. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple work-around:

  1. In Maptitude, use the Google Earth toolbox to get a black and white image.
  2. Click on Maptitude’s Save As button in the Google Earth toolbox to save the black and white image permanently.
  3. Go to Google Earth, without panning, make sure terrain is turned off and choose File>Save>Save Image.
  4. Click on the Save Image button under the main toolbar and save the image over the Maptitude filename (step 2) using screen resolution.
  5. Now update your map via the “Refresh” command under the “Window” menu.  The black and white image in the map will be refreshed by the one you just manually saved in google earth.
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