What is the Maptitude remote desktop license and how should it be set up?

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Remote Desktop License Information

Remote Desktop Installation

Remote Desktop Deployment

Remote Desktop System Requirements

Remote Desktop License Information

To convert your Maptitude license to the Remote Desktop license, you can purchase the Remote Conversion in our online store:

Remote Conversion

The Remote Conversion is just the difference in price between the two license options, $300 per license.

For the architecture of this version please see the chart for Maptitude mapping software remote desktop architecture.

The Maptitude Remote Desktop/Concurrent user license is only intended for users who intend to access the software through one of the following network options: VPN, Amazon Cloud, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), or Citrix Server environments.

If you do use remote desktop, then a remote license allows you to use Maptitude via remote desktop.

If you use Terminal Services, Citrix Server, or use remote desktop into a Windows Server then one user at a time can access Maptitude via Terminal Services, Citrix Server, or simultaneous remote connections: Additional concurrent/simultaneous users can be added to this license for US$995 per additional concurrent user.

Please note that there is no client-server version: Unless you have VPN, Amazon Cloud, Terminal Services, Citrix Server, or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) then you cannot remotely access Maptitude.

Please note that: Each Maptitude license can be installed and activated on a single computer. This includes the desktop/remote/concurrent/cloud licenses.

For concurrent-user licenses (including VPN, Amazon Cloud, Terminal Services, or Citrix Server environments), Maptitude allocates simultaneous users via remote connections up to the number purchased for that license. Each remote or concurrent license is US$995 per concurrent user. If you have purchased the Single-User Desktop License, then the cost to convert this to a Single-User Remote License is US$300.

Remote Desktop Installation 

You will need the product serial number to install and activate Maptitude mapping software.

The Installation media can be provided through an EXE download manager or Sharefile link.

All of these options will provide the user with a collection of files and folders that contain the necessary information to install the Maptitude Mapping software and the data for the country pack chosen.

Included with the installation media are the “MaptitudeInstallation.exe”, which will install the software, and the “DataInstaller.exe”, which will install the data. To install, simply run the executables.

The installer will detect if a version of the Microsoft Access database engine is installed, and if not, the 2010 version will be installed along with the Maptitude application.

Once the installation completes, the software will also need to be activated. The activation is handled through a “Wizard”, which is a stand-alone application installed with the software. The Activation Wizard allows for activation over the internet automatically, or by email. The activation process will generate a license file that is written to the registry of the host computer. This license file must be present for the software to run, and it is checked each time the software starts.

Remote Desktop Deployment

For instructions on recording and deploying Maptitude mapping software, please see the learning portal article on recording the deployment of Maptitude.

Remote Desktop System Requirements

The recommended system requirements to install and utilize Maptitude mapping software in a remote desktop environment, please see the learning portal article on Maptitude System Requirements.

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