How Do I Change the Way My Territories Look?

You can customize the look of your territories using sales territory mapping software.

The Territory layers created in Maptitude have predefined settings that are great for general use cases. Some users might want to change these settings to meet their own needs. Users can change the fill styles, the outline, and the labels by following the steps below.

Switch between Fill Style, Border Style and None

  1. From the Territory Manager, click on the Options button  and choose Territory Layer Settings to display the Territory Layer Settings dialog box
  2. Click on the Map tab in the Territory Layer Settings dialog box
  3. Here you can choose the Display Styles for your Territories and your Selected Areas
  4. Choose the option that best displays your territories the way you would like to:
    1. Choose Fill coloring to have a solid, transparent fill for your Territories.  Colors will automatically be assigned, but users can also pick their own colors.  Choose “None” as described below if you want to use solid color fills (rather than transparent)
    2. Choose Border coloring if you would like to have no fill coloring, but different colored borders outlining each territory.  This method works well for displaying overlapping territories in some cases.
    3. Choose None if you would like to have a uniform outline around all of your territories. The default border style for the Territories layer will be used. You would also need to choose this option if you want to use solid color fills, rather than transparent. See Changing the fill colors below.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.


Some settings, such as the outline/ border, labels, and solid fill style, need to be changed using the style settings from the Display Manager.

Changing the outline/ border and the labels

  1. Double Click on the “Territories” layer name in the Display Manager to open up the Layers dialog box
  2. Highlight the Territories layer in the list
  3. Click on the “Style…” button to change the outline
  4. Click on the “Labels…” button to change the labels


Changing the fill colors

  1. You first have to set the fill style to “None” as described above
  2. Right Click on the “Territories” layer name in the Display Manager and choose “Make Working Layer”
  3. From the options at the top of the Maptitude window, click on Map>Thematic Mapping>Color
  4. In the Field drop-down menu:
    1. If you want each territory to have a different color, select Territory. Click Apply.
    2. If you want to shade based on a different field, choose that field and click Apply. See How to Make a Thematic Map in Maptitude for more information.
  5. Go to the Styles Tab. To change the color for a territory/class of territories, highlight it and click Style… Choose the Fill Color, Fill Style and Fill Opacity and click OK


For more information on changing the style of your maps, please see the map styles tutorial video.

For a tips on making your map more aesthetic, please see the guide on map styling.

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