How do I create a color theme map?

You can create color theme maps with thematic mapping software.

Most Country Packages in Maptitude come with extensive demographic data that can be used to create informative and appealing maps.

You can also use color themes to visualize your data.

For more information on mapping your own data, please see the Maptitude video tutorial on mapping your own data.

The following steps describe how to create color thematic maps:

  1. From the Home Window, choose New map of “Country Name” to create a fresh map of your area of interest.
  2. Make the layer on which you want to create the thematic map (e.g. the 5-Digit ZIP Code layer) the working layer. You can do this by right-clicking on the layer in the Display Manager and choosing Make Working Layer.
  3. Choose Map>Thematic Mapping>Color or click  on the Standard toolbar to display the Color Theme dialog box.
  4. Click on the Field drop-down list and look for the field you want to use to shade each area. You can type text now to filter the fields. E.g. type hher to see the fields to do with the Householders in each area. 
  5. Choose one of the fields. The Color Theme Wizard fills in all of the other settings in the dialog box.
  6. Click OK. Maptitude will color your area based on the given field.

For a more general tutorial on thematic mapping, please see the Maptitude video tutorial on creating thematic maps.

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