Open .an1 files in Maptitude

Maptitude can open files in the .an1 format directly.  The .an1 file type was used by the discontinued Delorme Road Atlas software.  These files typically stored users’ field-collected GPS data and waypoints.

Follow the steps below to open an .an1 file and display it on a Maptitude Map:

  1. Open Maptitude and from the Home screen choose “New map of (Country of choice)”. Click OK.
  2. Choose a State, Province, or City for the area of interest and click Finish. This will open a general-purpose map the area of interest.
  3. From the open map, go to File > Open and change the file format to “GPS Data…”, select the file and click Open.
  4. This will open the .an1 file in a separate window. If there are several .an1 files that need to be in one map, open them all first.
  5. Once all of the .an1 files have been opened, combine them with your general- purpose map using Map > Combine and clicking OK.

You can then label the map with the information stored in your .an1 file by using the Label tools. 

The Hover Tool will work with them as well.

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