What can I do if my points overlap?

If you have multiple records with the same address, or if they have located by postal code or City, then the points that represent these locations will overlap.  There are several strategies that could be used to help differentiate these locations.  Below are some recommendations to address this. Users can try these to see what works best for Their situation.

Locate by address

One of the first things to consider is how the points were located. If you do not expect the symbols to be in the same place, then you might need to fix errors with the address information in your data.  This is also true if your data was located by Postal Code or City name.  This article can help address these issues. 


You can place label with “callouts” that point back to the location. This article will show you how to create callouts for your labels.


You can adjust the opacity/transparency of the symbols so that it is easier to see that they are overlapping. This article will show you how to adjust the transparency.  

Move the points

This is the most extreme of the options.  If you choose to move the points you will be placing them where you choose, and not based on the address information in Maptitude.  This can be a good option if you have multiple addresses at the same location, such as apartments or office suites.  There are several steps involved for this so it is best to use the Help menu in Maptitude and search for “Editing Point Features” to find the relevant information.

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