Where is my Toolbar?

You may have a Maptitude workspace open and cannot locate the standard toolbar or the tools toolbar. In Maptitude these toolbars are not closable, so there are a few possible scenarios and fixes:

  1. The toolbar is docked somewhere in Maptitude:
    Solution: Find where it is docked and undock it by clicking and dragging the top of the bar.

  2. You have multiple active monitors:
    Solution: Check your other monitor for the toolbar.

  3. The program likely has a remembered location from an earlier session that is now off-screen:
    Solution: Close and Re-open Maptitude.


If you cannot find you standard toolbar using the above, go to Edit>Preferences, click the “reset” button, and Close and Re-open Maptitude. This will return all toolbars to their default positions.


**Note: The Selection and Drawing toolbars can each be turned back on by going to Selection>Toolbar and Edit>Drawing>Toolbar respectively.

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