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Why Maptitude is the Ideal MapPoint Replacement

Stewart BerryBy Stewart Berry
29 January 2024

MapPoint® is discontinued. Maptitude now dominates the desktop space vacated by Microsoft. Maptitude is a widely-used and full featured mapping application. The software is designed for business users in every global market. Maptitude is the best MapPoint replacement.

MapPoint provided outdated data. Don't use old data for new location-based decisions. Upgrade to Maptitude to use the latest features, Census numbers, and demographics.

In this article:

Key Advantages of Choosing Maptitude as Your MapPoint Replacement

Microsoft's discontinuance of MapPoint left a void in the mapping software landscape. Fortunately, Maptitude has emerged as the ideal replacement, offering a feature-rich experience that seamlessly integrates with your existing MapPoint data.

  • MapPoint PTM File Compatibility: Maptitude effortlessly opens territory, waypoint, and pushpin layers from your MapPoint PTM files, ensuring a smooth transition without data loss.
  • Unlimited Layers, Geocoding, and Routing: Maptitude allows you to work with an unlimited number of map layers, facilitating complex data visualization and analysis. Additionally, its powerful geocoding and routing capabilities empower you to explore spatial relationships and plan efficient routes.
  • Radius and Drive-Time Tools: Gain valuable insights into the reach of your business or organization with the Maptitude radius and drive-time tools. Define customised zones based on specific travel times and identify potential customers within your service area.
  • Demographic Data Integration: Maptitude integrates rich demographic data, providing invaluable insights for market research, customer profiling, and strategic decision-making.
  • Fleet Management and Routing Tools: Optimise your fleet operations with the comprehensive Maptitude tools for route planning, dispatch, and tracking. Control fuel costs, improve delivery times, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Customizable Road Speeds: For precise route planning, Maptitude allows you to define custom speeds for different road types, ensuring realistic and accurate travel times.
  • Export to Excel: Seamlessly integrate your Maptitude data with existing workflows by exporting to Excel for further analysis and reporting.
  • Live Data Linking and Updates: Maintain accurate data by linking Maptitude to external sources and automatically updating information as it changes.
  • Enhanced Map Presentation: Copy and paste drawing items between maps to create visually appealing and informative presentations.
  • Territory Management: Define and manage sales territories with ease using the dedicated territory tools in Maptitude. Assign quotas, track performance, and optimise your sales strategy.

By offering a seamless transition from MapPoint and a wealth of powerful features, Maptitude is the definitive solution for businesses and organizations seeking a comprehensive mapping software.

Maptitude opens your MapPoint pushpin and territory layers

Maptitude opens your MapPoint layers!

Simply use the Maptitude File>Open command to open your MapPoint pushpins, territories, and waypoints.

Case Study: How This Company Increased Efficiency with Maptitude as a MapPoint Replacement


IT solutions

Why Coverpoint chose Maptitude as the alternative to MapPoint

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Maptitude Offers Value, Security, and Comprehensive Mapping Capabilities

In today's data-driven landscape, map-based analysis and visualization are invaluable tools for businesses of all sizes. However, traditional GIS software can be prohibitively expensive, often requiring recurring subscriptions or cloud storage fees. Fortunately, Maptitude emerges as a game-changer, offering unparalleled value and control.

Desktop or Online. One-time or Subscription. Maptitude provides mapping that meets your needs.

  • Affordable Investment: At a one-time cost of US$995, Maptitude delivers a complete business mapping solution without the burden of ongoing subscription fees. This upfront investment empowers companies to budget effectively and avoid the potential for unpredictable recurring costs.
  • On-Premise Data Security: Unlike cloud-based solutions, Maptitude stores all data locally, ensuring complete control and security for sensitive information. This eliminates any potential privacy concerns associated with external storage, giving businesses peace of mind regarding their valuable data.
  • Unrestricted Access and Functionality: With a single purchase, Maptitude provides unlimited access to all its features and functionality. This eliminates the limitations imposed by tiered subscription plans, allowing businesses to utilise the software's full potential without restriction.

The unique value proposition provided by Maptitude makes it the ideal choice for businesses seeking a powerful, affordable, and secure mapping solution. By providing a one-time purchase option and on-premise data storage, Maptitude empowers businesses to unlock the power of mapping without compromising budgetary considerations or data security concerns.

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Testimonials: Businesses That Successfully Replaced MapPoint with Maptitude

The retirement of MapPoint left many businesses scrambling for a new mapping solution. Fortunately, Maptitude has emerged as the clear choice for former MapPoint users, offering a seamless transition and a wealth of additional features. Here's what some satisfied users have to say:

Rocco A. DiAntonio, Jr.

“I was in a bind when MS retired MapPoint. I discovered Maptitude in 2009 and have been using the software since then. Once you take time to use the various features, it becomes a joy to use when evaluating different market conditions/situations. I do enjoy using this software.”

Rocco A. DiAntonio, Jr.
Area Dealer Network Development Manager, Porsche Cars NA
Easton, Pennsylvania
Ben Hutchinson

Easy to use and speedy to map, comparable for ease of use to the discontinued MapPoint but offers lots of stronger features. The Video tutorials are a really good resource.”

Ben Hutchinson
Data Manager, Selco Builders Warehouse
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Aaron Wesson

“Ease of moving territories, obtaining census data, and plotting territories to that data. Beautiful interface and several ways to customise the product and exports. The ability to pull in my older MapPoint files and data was a huge plus!”

Aaron Wesson
Marketing Operations Mgr, Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Steve Hendel

“I believe that Caliper's Maptitude continues to provide more GIS-related features and more flexibility in defining and presenting data and map layers than MapPoint does.”

Steve Hendel
Office Depot
Delray Beach, Florida

These testimonials highlight the key reasons why Maptitude is the preferred choice for former MapPoint users:

  • Seamless Transition: The compatibility of Maptitude with MapPoint PTM files ensures a smooth migration without data loss, allowing users to quickly resume their workflows.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of Maptitude makes it easy for users with existing MapPoint experience to learn the software quickly and efficiently.
  • Powerful Features: Maptitude goes beyond MapPoint's functionality, offering advanced features like unlimited layers, radius and drive-time tools, and demographic data integration.
  • Exceptional Value: The one-time purchase option and absence of recurring subscription fees make Maptitude a cost-effective solution compared to other mapping software.

Whether you're looking for a seamless transition from MapPoint or simply seeking a powerful and affordable mapping solution, Maptitude is the perfect choice. With its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and exceptional value, Maptitude empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of map-based analysis and visualization.

Blog: Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude

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What Makes Maptitude the Best Alternative to MapPoint

The best mapping software! Here's why:

  • Maptitude opens your MapPoint pushpins, territories, and waypoints.
  • Maptitude is the easiest-to-use full featured mapping software.
  • Maptitude includes powerful tools such as multi-ring drive-time zones.
  • Maptitude has no subscription fees, and supports secure off-line data storage.
  • Maptitude provides fully customizable maps with unlimited point icons.
  • Maptitude has unlimited pin-mapping/geocoding.
  • Maptitude includes free demographics. These cover everything from population statistics to business counts and more!
  • Maptitude includes free mapping data. These cover everything from business locations to postal/ZIP Codes and more!
  • Maptitude includes the functionality of 3rd party MapPoint add-ins. Examples include MPCluster, MileCharter, and MPMileage.
  • Maptitude supports development in the GISDK scripting environment. Other languages are also supported including any .NET language, such as C#, and VBA or COM
  • Maptitude is updated annually. The last version of MapPoint was MapPoint 2013. Stop using old data and start using Maptitude!
MapPoint replacement - Maptitude map showing 5-minute interval drive-time bands around a location in Montreal

Five-minute interval drive-time band map created with Maptitude MapPoint replacement

MapPoint alternative - Maptitude map showing territories franchise territories based on postal areas

Territory map created with Maptitude MapPoint alternative

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Maptitude Demo

MapPoint Datasets

Maptitude empowers organizations and businesses to leverage the power of location-based data for better decision-making. This competitively priced software goes beyond simply displaying maps; it provides a comprehensive suite of tools to analyse, visualise, and understand complex spatial relationships.

To cater to specific geographic needs, Maptitude offers detailed Country Packages packed with valuable data. These packages include:












More countries »

Maptitude: Key Features and Benefits as a MapPoint Replacement

Features Maptitude MapPoint
Link and update records Yes Yes
Routing, territory creation, finding, circle & chart & heat mapping, GPS support, pushpin/address/post code mapping Yes Yes
GIS-related features and flexibility in defining and presenting data and map layers Yes No
Drive time rings for multiple origins and with multiple concentric rings per origin Yes No
Pushpin limitations Unlimited 10,000
Up-to-date Census Tract boundaries, ZIP Codes, Census data and demographics Yes No
Street data for Guam and other U.S. territories Yes No
Basic maps of the entire world Yes No
Detailed coverage and tools for Brazil, Australia, and many other countries Yes No
UK postal data for Northern Ireland Yes No
Calculate area of overlapping sales regions Yes No
Redraw territories while seeing the sum value of opportunities within each territory Yes No
Use selection and drawing tools to export data for regions or territories Yes No
Create custom territory boundary layers using drawing tools Yes No
Create multi-ring radius layers around one or more points automatically Yes No
Create multi-ring drivetime zone layers around one or more points automatically Yes No
Perform map/database filtering Yes No
Control the map/layer visibility of filters Yes No
Maps & Styles
Ability to turn ALL map layers on and off, including the background map style Yes No
Ability to fully customise any aspect of the map and map styles Yes No
Use any image type for pushpins Yes No
Only CUR, ICO, & BMP
Ongoing support for the mapping product and for customer questions Yes Discontinued
64-Bit version Yes No
SQL Server spatial Yes Yes

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Frequently Asked MapPoint Questions

What was the last version of MapPoint?

The last version of MapPoint was MapPoint 2013. Maptitude is the most suitable desktop replacement for MapPoint 2013. If you are looking for MapPoint 2013 replacement software, Maptitude has equivalent and improved features:

  • Updated maps of the United States and Canada
  • Demographic Data: Combine business data with demographics to find and target potential customers, and focus your business decisions
  • Integration: Insert maps into the work you do in Microsoft Office
  • Create Sales Territories: Share performance maps to clearly visualise, analyse, and communicate performance
  • Customise Map Settings: Choose whether cities, highways, local roads and parks show on your map
  • Pushpin Images
  • Programming: Build custom solutions and Office add-ins
MapPoint 2013 replacement Maptitude map

Map created with MapPoint 2013 replacement, Maptitude


Is Microsoft MapPoint still available?

MapPoint is not still available. The flagship Microsoft mapping product, MapPoint, was discontinued after the release of MapPoint 2013.

How can I get a MapPoint download?

The last version of MapPoint was MapPoint 2013. New copies of MapPoint can no longer be downloaded for purchase. Maptitude is one suitable desktop replacement for MapPoint. Maptitude is feature equivalent to MapPoint and supports MapPoint files. Maptitude:

  • Imports MapPoint PTM files
  • Supports unlimited layers/geocoding/routing
  • Includes radius and drive-time tools
  • Includes the latest demographics
  • Exports to Excel
  • Creates territories

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What happened to MapPoint?

Microsoft's flagship mapping product, MapPoint, was discontinued, along with AutoRoute and Streets & Trips, on December 31, 2014. Online support was available for the products through July 14, 2015. Since then, demographics have changed and new streets and subdivisions have been built. MapPoint data is old. It should not be used for new location-based decisions.

If you are wondering what happened to MapPoint and why you should replace it with Maptitude, here's why:

  • Maptitude has the same, and improved, tools as MapPoint.
  • Maptitude has the latest annual data updates. These include:
    • Nationwide demographics from the U.S. Census and American Community Survey (ACS)
    • Up-to-date HERE street data

These make Maptitude an ideal replacement for MapPoint. Maptitude Country Packages allow former AutoRoute customers to also access up-to-date maps.

Is there a MapPoint version for Apple Mac?

There is no MapPoint version of MapPoint for the Apple Mac operating system. MapPoint was a Windows application. The software is no longer available for any platform. Maptitude desktop is a MapPoint for Mac alternative. The application can run on Windows installed on a Macintosh. Maptitude Online can be accessed from any browser. This is another option for Mac users that need to analyse maps.

What is the MapPoint Alternative?

The MapPoint alternative is Maptitude. Maptitude is the closest desktop replacement for MapPoint, Streets & Trips, and AutoRoute. Maptitude Online is a web-based alternative to MapPoint. Maptitude mapping software is a great alternative to MapPoint because it has improved MapPoint features and new data.

What has replaced MapPoint?

After MapPoint was discontinued in 2014, Microsoft released a number of other products that provided similar functionality, such as Bing Maps and Azure Maps. These products are available through a variety of platforms and devices, and they offer a range of features and functionality that are similar to those offered by MapPoint.

Maptitude is a geographic information system (GIS) software program developed by Caliper Corporation. It is a commercial product that is used for mapping and spatial analysis, and it includes a range of features such as geocoding, routing, and spatial analysis tools. While Maptitude is similar to MapPoint in many ways, it is not developed and marketed by Microsoft.

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How do I install Microsoft MapPoint?

MapPoint can no longer be installed because it was discontinued after the release of MapPoint 2013. MapPoint 2013 was the last version before it was discontinued and does not contain recent geographic changes nor up-to-date demographics. Don't install and use old MapPoint data for new location-based decisions.

Maptitude includes the latest annual updates to nationwide demographics from the U.S. Census and American Community Survey (ACS) and up-to-date HERE street data. Download and install the software here.

Can I use my MapPoint layers with Maptitude?

MapPoint layers can be used with Maptitude. If you are using outdated MapPoint layers, maps, and data, you can update them in Maptitude. Simply use the Maptitude File>Open command to open your MapPoint pushpins, territories, and waypoints. By using your layers with Maptitude you will get a more accurate picture of your market.

In addition, you will have access to tools that were unavailable to you before. See the table above for a comparison of MapPoint and Maptitude features.

How do you draw a territory in MapPoint?

Territories were drawn in MapPoint using the manual drawing tools. MapPoint is no longer available for purchase. The outdated population demographics in older versions of MapPoint should not be used to build territories or to make location-based decisions.

If you need to create, modify, or balance territories, you can use Maptitude. Maptitude has additional territory tools that were not available in MapPoint. With Maptitude, you can:

  • Import your MapPoint territories
  • Calculate area of overlappping sales regions
  • Redraw territories while seeing the total value of opportunities within each territory
  • Use selection and drawing tools to export data for regions or territories
  • Create custom territory boundary layers using drawing tools
  • Access current demographics and street data
How do I map a list of addresses? This Maptitude map shows stores and customers located on a map

How do you draw a territory in MapPoint? MapPoint 2013 was the last version of MapPoint. If you need to create territories that are balanced you need to use the latest demographic data. Use Maptitude to build territories that are balanced by population, disposable income, number of customers, total sales, or any other variable. Maptitude can also build territories based on drive-time accessibility.

Maptitude Territory Video Tutorials:

When was MapPoint discontinued?

Microsoft MapPoint was discontinued on December 31, 2014. Online support was discontinued on July 14, 2015.

More MapPoint User Testimonials of Maptitude

“Maptitude has an incredible number of potential applications. My company purchased it as a major upgrade to the discontinued Microsoft MapPoint. After discovering how much easier it is to accomplish what I did in MapPoint using Maptitude, I am discovering uses for it that were not considered during the time of purchase. I am only scratching the surface of Maptitude's potential applications, and their support team has been incredibly helpful along the way .”

Mark Sitton
EBSCO Research, LLC
Brett Lucas

“While MapPoint was a decent inexpensive program for someone who needed to make a quick thematic map, it had a minimal amount of functionality. For those who want to take business mapping to the next level, Maptitude is an excellent product with an amazing amount of functionality for the price. Maptitude has an easy learning curve, as everything you need comes in the box.”

Brett Lucas
Senior Planner, City of Cheney WA
Matt Ardoin

“We are able to do things with Maptitude that we had not dreamed of doing before (using MapPoint). There are so many possibilities, that you can easily create a mapping solution that perfectly meets the need of your business model.”

Matt Ardoin
Operations Mgr., Great Direct Concepts
Alejandro Reyes

“I was looking for a replacement to MapPoint, I found it, and it is many times better than the defunct MapPoint. The customer service is great too at Maptitude.”

Alejandro Reyes
Sr. Manager - Economist, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

“MapPoint (is) designed for simple visualisation and map creation, while Maptitude offers additional analytical tools that can be used for in-depth geographical analysis.”

Michael E. Cline
Online Review
Maptitude is the best alternative to MapPoint which was discontinued after the 2013 release

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