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How can I convert my territories to use a different base geography?

Sometimes, after doing some territory mapping, you find a part of the map that makes you really wish you’d picked a different layer as your base geography. This can come up in a number of ways, but a very common one is when you have started with a base geography that was larger, such as Counties, but then need to divide up a given county so you want to use a finer geography, such as ZIP Codes. Instead of starting from scratch, Maptitude has a tool that allows you to create a new territory layer from an existing area layer, which you can use to convert from Territory layer to a different one with a new base geography.

Some important things to note:

  • If the boundaries of the first territory layer, don’t line up exactly with the boundaries of the new base geography, the boundaries of the territory layer will shift to the best approximation of the old territory boundaries with the new base geographies.
  • You can use this tool even when the starting layer wasn’t a Territory layer, but just a custom-made area layer.
  • The final step in this may take a while to process while it compares the old geographies and the new ones, especially if the territories cover a large area

In this article, I will be moving from a Territory layer built out of Counties to one built out of ZIP Codes.

  1. In the Display Manager, right click your Territories layer and choose Make Working Layer
  2. Choose File > Export > Geography
  3. Export All Features to Standard Geographic File. Change the Layer Name to TempTerritories and check the box for Add Layer to Map.
  4. Save the resulting layer file somewhere.
  5. In the Display Manager, right click on your original Territories layer and choose Remove. You should still have your TempTerritories layer on the map, but the Territory Manager will vanish.
  6. Choose Map > New Territory Layer
  7. Choose From my existing area layer and select TempTerritories from the dropdown. Choose Next.
  8. Change Geography Layer to 5 Digit ZIP Code and Geography Field to ZIP then choose Next.
  9. Add any tracking fields you'd like on the final step, then choose Finish.
  10. Maptitude will bind the old territories to the new geography layer. This might take a minute or two for the software to process.
  11. Once complete, you should have a new layer on the map called Territories. You can safely remove your TempTerritories layer by right clicking it and choosing Remove.