The BETA Translate Menus (Chinese Simplified or Traditional) Add-Ins create a short-cut on your desktop to run Maptitude* with the menu items translated to Chinese. Only the menu items are translated. No messages, dialog boxes, tool-tips or any other text are translated. This is a free beta version add-in and no warranties are made as to the completeness or accuracy of the translations. 

Maptitude Simplified Chinese Menus  Maptitude Traditional Chinese Menu


  1. Download the file Maptitude_Simplified_Chinese.exe or Maptitude_Traditional_Chinese.exe.
  2. Run the file to add a new shortcut to your desktop.
  3. Double-click the new desktop icon to start Maptitude* with Chinese menu items.

*Requires Maptitude version 2020 or newer already be installed on your computer