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How do I calculate brand market share by region?

As part of Maptitude 2021 we have included a new Market Share analysis tool. This tool uses the Huff Gravity model to compare two sets of competing locations by any area (ZIP codes, Counties, etc.) and see which areas have how much of the market share. This article will explain how to use the tool with our free business location layers to compare two restaurant locations.



1. Download our free business layers using the following steps:
2. Open a new workspace and use the above instructions to add “ntChipotle.Cdf” and “ntMoesSouthwestGrill.Cdf” to your map
3. Go to Tools > Analysis > Market Share (Huff Model)…
4. For My Stores, choose "US Chipotle" from the Layer pulldown, for Competitor Stores, choose "US Moe’s SW Grill" from the Layer pulldown and click Next>
5. Check the Calculate Market Share for Areas in an Existing Layer radio button and choose County from the Layer pulldown
6. Choose All Features from the Using pulldown, make sure Apply Theme is checked and click Finish

Maptitude makes a new color theme on the county layer showing the market share of Chipotle and Moe’s locations and updates the legend.