Maptitude Online FAQ

You may have tried to upload or login to Maptitude Online and received some sort of error. This article will explain some of the causes of these issues and how to troubleshoot them.


“I don’t have the option to upload my maps”

Uploading to Maptitude Online from desktop Maptitude only works with the current version of Maptitude, which is now Maptitude 2023. You can upgrade to the latest version of the desktop mapping software by going to the upgrade page in our online store.

If you do not have Maptitude 2023, you can request a trial of the mapping software.

To upload your maps to Maptitude Online, in desktop Maptitude choose File>Share>Upload to Maptitude Online. When prompted, enter your website. This is listed both in your confirmation email and below.

Alternatively, you can create maps directly from Maptitude Online without the use of desktop Maptitude. For details on how to do this, please see the Maptitude tutorial article on uploading your data to Maptitude Online.


“I didn’t get the login email”

If you do not see your login email it may have been sent to your SPAM folder, so check there first.

If you can’t find the invite email, you can use the following URL to access your account:

Note: Enter your Maptitude online serial number in place of “MAS-000-XXX-000-XXX” in the URL. Please send an email to if you do not know your serial number.


“I forgot my password”

Go to File>Share>Upload to Maptitude Online and press the “Forgot Password” button.


“I’m getting a ‘You do not have access to this account’ message”

Please check to make sure you have the correct:

  • Maptitude Online account URL
  • Email that the invitation was sent to


“I’m getting a ‘The account administrator’s Maptitude Online subscription expired’ message”

This means that your account has expired, and the Maptitude Online account administrator needs to renew their subscription.

For instructions to renew your subscriptions, please see the Maptitude learning article on renewing your subscription.


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