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How do I Calculate Multiple Point-to-Point Driving Drive Times at Once?

The Distance and Travel Time Tables tool is a powerful way to calculate drive time or distance from one set of locations to another. This can be from Customers to Stores or from an Origin ZIP Code to a set of destinations. However sometimes we don’t want to calculate a route to every destination from each origin, but rather we have some data like the below where each origin has a specific destination:

This article goes over how we can modify how we use the Distance and Travel Time Tables tool to do this point-to-point calculation.

For a video tutorial on the same tool, see:

To follow the steps in this article, you will need your data formatted like the above table, with a Pair ID column and then the location fields for the origin and destination on the same line.

Step 1: Locate the Origin and Destination Layers

The general idea here is that we are going to locate the same sheet of data twice, once by using the origin fields and once by using the destination fields.

  1. From the Home Window, choose New map of my data/table and click OK
  2. Select your sheet of data and on the Matching Fields screen, choose the Origin Location fields:
  3. Finish the rest of the Create a Map Wizard as normal. When the map is created, right click on the layer you just created and choose Rename. Rename the layer
  4. Choose Map>Add Table/Spreadsheet to a Map and select the same sheet of data
  5. This time on the Matching Fields screen, choose the Destination Location fields:
  6. Finish the rest of the Create a Map Wizard. Rename this layer Destinations

This should produce a map with your origin and destination locations plotted as separate layers.

Step 2: Calculate the Drive Times

  1. Choose Tools>Routing and Directions>Distance and Travel Time Tables
  2. Choose Origins as the origins and Destinations as the destinations. Make sure the Name field on both is set to Pair ID and that you create a Table rather than a matrix.
  3. Uncheck Open in Excel
  4. Click OK

Maptitude will calculate all the drive times/distance and output a large table with the results

Step 3: Filter the Table

  1. Make sure the table of drive times is the working layer
  2. Choose Selection>Select by Condition
  3. Type in the Condition [Origin Pair ID] = [Destination Pair ID] or build it with the Condition Builder
  4. Choose File>Export>Table… and save this as an Excel file

This will produce the filtered table for the drive time/distance for just the pairs we want. Now, all we need to do is join it to the Original data. You can do this in Excel if you prefer, but Step 4 will do this in Maptitude.

Step 4: Join to the Origin Layer

  1. Go to the Map and right-click on Origins in the Display Manager and choose New Dataview
  2. Go to Dataview>Table>Join
  3. Under Joining From, choose Origins as the Table and Pair ID as the Field
  4. Under To, choose File Open… and open the Excel File you just saved
  5. Choose Pair ID as the Field
  6. Click OK
  7. Choose File>Export>Table… and save this as an Excel file