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Maptitude System Requirements

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What are the recommended specifications for running Maptitude remotely?

  • These are the recommended specs for running Maptitude remotely on Windows via Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Windows Server, or Citrix Server:

Operating system: Windows Server 2022, Server 2019, Server 2016*
Maptitude is a 64-bit application and requires 64-bit Windows in addition to Citrix.
A minimum of 2GB of memory per concurrent user is required, plus the operating system (16-32GB total)
A multi-core processor with 4 or 8 cores is recommended but a faster clock speed is more important than additional cores
Consider RAID or SSD for the speed benefits they will provide
1TB+ of storage is recommended

*Please note that Windows Server 2022 is required for Unicode support which is needed to display special characters.

What are the recommended computer specifications for running Maptitude on a desktop PC?

  • The recommended specs for running Maptitude on a desktop PC are:

Desktop, laptop, PC, or Surface Pro computer running 64-bit Windows 11 or 10. We do not recommend using netbooks.
4GB of RAM (8GB of RAM provides optimal performance for users with very large data files.)
10 GB of storage space for Maptitude and the US Country Package. More space will be required to save the maps and files created with Maptitude.


Can Maptitude read Microsoft Office tables?

  • Maptitude can always read Microsoft Office tables (e.g., Excel). Microsoft Office can be 32-bit, 64-bit, or not installed.

Is an Internet Connection Required to Run Maptitude?

  • An Internet connection is required for downloading desktop Maptitude, for uploading maps to Maptitude Online, to access Maptitude Online, and to view shared Maptitude Online maps either privately or publicly.
  • Once downloaded, desktop Maptitude can be run completely offline.

Can Maptitude be run in AWS or Azure?

  • Maptitude can be run on Windows in AWS and Azure with the appropriate license.

Can I use Maptitude on a MAC?

  • For Apple Mac users: Maptitude will run on Windows installed on an Apple Mac.
  • In addition to Maptitude licenses being able to run on Intel chip Apple Macs with Windows, Maptitude can be enabled to run on Apple Mac ARM M1/M2 chips with Windows, or on a Surface Pro with an ARM chip. Please contact Sales for the ARM enabled version.

How do I find my system specs?

  • To find your own system specs, see the following article. You often need to know this information to check if your system specifications meet the requirements for running Maptitude.