How Do I Create a Turn-By-Turn Excel Report for My Route?

You can create a turn-by-turn Excel report for your route using routing software.

By default, the Maptitude routing tools will allow you to export a PDF containing turn-by-turn directions for your optimized route.

You can try the steps below for yourself by downloading a free mapping software trial of Maptitude Desktop or use your existing Maptitude Desktop license.

You can get the turn-by-turn directions in Excel format by following the steps below:

  • Create or open a route in Maptitude by following the steps in the video tutorial on routing in Maptitude.
  • Go to Tools>GIS Developer’s Kit>GISDK Toolbar.
  • Click the Immediate Execution button in the toolbar.
  • Copy and paste the following code snippet into the text box and click Run.

opts.SPToolbox = "Simple SPath Toolbox"
ctrl = RunMacro("FetchSPController", opts)
if ctrl <> null then do
   ropts.ReportFileName = GetRandFileName("*.xlsx")

Maptitude will generate an Excel turn-by-turn report for your route.

If you are looking to route a fleet of vehicles and plan delivery or pickup routes, please try the video tutorial on vehicle fleet routing in Maptitude.

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